acknowledge receipt of

acknowledge (the) receipt of (something)

To recognize, often formally, that something has been received, usually an item that has been delivered. Jason signed a form to acknowledge the receipt of the letter. Did you get a notification acknowledging receipt of your package? They did acknowledge receipt of my resume, but I don't know how long it will take their recruiting team to review it.
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acknowledge (the) receipt of something

to report receiving something, such as a package, letter, or notice. The company acknowledged receipt of the merchandise I returned.
See also: acknowledge, of, receipt
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I acknowledge receipt of summons by the EACC relating to alleged utterances I made, directed to Hon.
STEP ASIDE"I acknowledge receipt of summons by the EACC relating to alleged utterances I made directed to Hon Esther Passaris, the Nairobi City County Woman Representative over her unpaid per diem for a trip she made to New York in March 2019 despite the county having paid for her air ticket to New York and before that Viena," said Sonko.Mr Sonko said that if EACC finds that he has a case to answer, he will step aside.
* within 90 days of entry of the decree, have all employees sign and acknowledge receipt of the revised policy; and
'I'd like to acknowledge receipt of expression of sympathies, condolences and support from many countries of the world in relation to the tragic bombing that caused the lives and injuries to many people, particularly those that I have read from Australia, Canada and Ambassador Daniel Pruce of the Great Britain,' Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo said in a Palace briefing.
It said the banks also needed to acknowledge receipt of every complaint through an e-mailed response.
Under the protocol, the entity must acknowledge receipt of the report within 48 hours and notify the hate bias response coordinator.
Accordingly, upon receipt of the notice, it became subject to the procedures set forth in the manual whereby, on or before 5 October 2017, it expects to acknowledge receipt of the notice and notify the NYSE that it intends to seek to cure the deficiency.
The Government is likely to acknowledge receipt of the report, and announce its decision in the Budget next month.
Please acknowledge receipt of this note with its attachments.
We will acknowledge receipt of all proposals, and after making a final selection, the committee will notify all applicants of our decision.
Airlines are required to acknowledge receipt of a consumer complaint within 30 days and provide a substantive response to the complainant within 60 days.
The corporate affairs department will acknowledge receipt of the nomination form within 48 hours of delivery.
A spokesman for Addenbrooke's said: "All staff sign a form to acknowledge receipt of the Cambridge University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust uniform policy and dress code for employees and that they agree to abide by the code."