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slang A shortening of "asexual," meaning one who does not feel sexual attraction or desire for others, or who does not feel compelled to engage in sexual activity. That's great that you're so into your boyfriend, but I'm ace, so I just don't feel that kind of attraction for people.

ace (something)

To do exceptionally well in something, especially an exam or other high-pressure situation. I feel like I aced that interview, so I'm pretty sure the job is mine. I managed to ace that test without even studying for it.
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an ace

Someone who is very good or skilled (at something). Just get Mom to help you. She's an ace at wrapping gifts. Bill's an ace when it comes to math—he'll definitely make a good tutor.
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1. mod. [of persons] best; top-rated. She is an ace reporter with the newspaper.
2. n. one dollar. It only costs an ace. Buy two.
3. tv. to pass a test easily, with an A grade. (see also ace out.) I knew I wouldn’t ace it, but I never thought I’d flunk it!
4. n. a nickname for a foolish and ineffectual person. (Sarcastic. Usually a term of address.) Hey, ace, hand me that monkey wrench—if you know what one is.
5. tv. to surpass someone or something; to beat someone or something; to ace someone out. The Japanese firm aced the Americans by getting the device onto the shelves first.
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