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ache for (someone or something)

1. To feel a strong desire for someone or something. She ached for the companionship of her husband when he was deployed overseas.
2. To feel profound sadness or empathy for someone. I ache for those little children who just lost their parents in a car accident.
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aching heart

A feeling of pain or despair in the absence of someone one loves. I had such an aching heart during the holidays this year, the first ones without my mother.
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1. verb To complain or gripe about someone or something. Of course Marjorie is bellyaching about how I left dishes out in the kitchen—she's not happy unless everything is perfectly put away.
2. noun Pain in one's stomach. I've had a bellyache all day, so I'm going to have to cancel our dinner plans.

quit (one's) bellyaching

To stop griping or complaining. Often said as an order. A: "But I don't like broccoli!" B: "Just quit your bellyaching and eat it!" If the kids don't quit their bellyaching soon, I'm going to turn this car around and take us right back home.
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aching heart

Fig. the feeling of pain because of love that is lost or has faded away. (Described as being in the heart, where love is said to reside.) I try to tell my aching heart that I don't love him.
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(ˈbɛli ek)
1. n. a stomachache. Oh, mama, do I have a bellyache!
2. in. to complain. You are always bellyaching!
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Moss decidedly breathes life into this character and her words with an achingly delicious and deceptively fragile economy: 'I'm sewing muscle into my cocoon, / powerful muscles of my thoughts."
Louise Nadeau was a miracle of musicality and youthful joie de vivre; Jeffrey Stanton made a convincing transition from a bored Prince Florimund to a man in love, awakening his princess with an achingly tender kiss.
Although the early scenes between Salma (Samia Costandi) and Pierre (Robert Morin) are achingly awkward, the drama of Salma's inner journey gathers a slow and sure momentum, evoked in El-Omari's intelligent sound editing and concentrated in two startling freeze-frame images deployed in the film.
In Kimberly Peirce's achingly poignant film Teena/Brandon (Hilary Swank) explores the foreign, perhaps forbidden world of adolescent males and encounters others there whose identity and grip on reality is too terribly threatened by her incursion.
The typical Monster rider, if the promo video at the launch was anything to go by, is an achingly handsome young urban hipster dude.
When a metal band can turn out a little stretch of music that's just achingly beautiful.
Whatever you think of him this is achingly powerful, especially if you watch the video.
THE CBSO, and especially the string players, had a chance to shine in a diverse programme that included Mahler's achingly poignant Kindertotenleider as the centrepiece, sitting slightly uneasily between Schubert's Unfinished Symphony No 8 and Dvorak's Symphony No 7.
They'll not lift you up with their all-enveloping sence of darkness, only broken by the odd glimmer of light with Julia's achingly innocent voice.
The band's signature catchy signature duelling guitars, pounding drums and Matthew Davies' blisteringly powerful, yet achingly vulnerable, vocals linger long.
Far more entertaining than her nice-but-dull estranged husband Peter Andre's achingly tedious docu-bore Going It Alone.
Liu's China is achingly modern, a nation wrestling with all the inconsistencies that such a designation implies.
The result is a charming, achingly evocative film about 17-year-old Tobi (Robert Stadlober), who is in love with his best friend, Achim.
McLennan's tunes are up there with his finest work from the 1980s - best are the achingly honest paean to lost love No Reason To Cry and Finding You, which boasts the sweetest acoustic intro you're likely to hear.
Shadow education secretary Tim Collins said the campaign was "achingly politically correct".