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ache for

1. To feel a strong desire for someone or something. She ached for the companionship of her husband when he was deployed overseas.
2. To feel sadness and/or empathy for someone. I ache for those little children who just lost their parents in a car accident.

aching heart

A feeling of pain or despair in the absence of someone one loves. I had such an aching heart during the holidays this year, the first ones without my mother.
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ache for someone or something

 and hurt for someone or something
Fig. to desire someone or something very much. (So much that it "hurts.") Jim ached for the sight of Mary, whom he loved deeply.

aching heart

Fig. the feeling of pain because of love that is lost or has faded away. (Described as being in the heart, where love is said to reside.) I try to tell my aching heart that I don't love him.
See also: aching, heart
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I'VE been cycling a lot lately and my knee's been aching as a result.
CARNATION Footcare's PediRoller is an exercise aid for feet, which may help soothe and relieve aching and sore feet, and conditions like plantar fasciitis.
Mam you went to sleep a year ago, our hearts still ache, our tears still flow, but memories help our aching hearts.
These NATURAL electric impulses interfere with the body's pain signals generating welcome relief to aching joints and muscles.
While not being bad enough to keep me off court, my knees and right elbow have struggled for the first two weeks, while only the cramp I'm experiencing in the fingers on my right hand manage to mask my aching thighs each night.
At no point during the character's misadventures are we aching to throw a protective blanket around our beleaguered heroine, nor give a rousing ``Attagirl
By early spring, they're arriving en masse, with pulled muscles, aching knees, and shin splints.
The weekend before the New York City Marathon, Caesar trained on hospital roads, his arms and chest aching from the hand-crank repetition.
Those Aching Feet: Your Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment of Common Foot Problems is a simple guide for lay people concerning how to prevent, identify, and take care of ailments ranging from ingrown nails to warts, callouses, bunions, flat feet, and even diabetes-related difficulties.
A NEW robotic massage machine that can sooth aching backs in just 12 minutes was unveiled yesterday.
Every bone and joint in his body was aching, his eyes were yellow, and he was dangerously ill.
One cannot describe the emotional depth, the aching poignancy that breathes life into McFadden's latest literary lifeline.
Sore muscles and aches and pains are starting to come all too frequently, and even familiar activities-- like tennis, golf or basketball--often cause sore arms, aching shoulders and tired backs.