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Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) could achieve 42% targets in Education and development of water resources while in power production government achieved 49% targets.
The city hopes to have a new operator for Project Achieve and its associated homeless programs by Dec.
The IPE is the vehicle by which individuals participate in the VR program and, ultimately, achieve high-quality employment and independence.
The Achieve Step in the process delivers the sustainable, measurable results to build momentum for continuous improvement.
To achieve the broadest benefit from DNA sequencing technology for biology and medicine, systems that are not only substantially more efficient but also more usable by the average research laboratory are needed.
It would not mean that she must achieve some virtually out-of-reach goal such as becoming a size six through the effort of participating in an aerobics class six days per week.
While the goals of virtualization are desirable, virtualization alone proved unable to achieve those goals.
Some agents continually achieve excellent loss ratios, and they achieve those loss ratios not because they are in a particular geographic area or because they write only low loss ratio business.
I suggest you read the following books: Goal Setting 101: How to Set and Achieve a Goal and The Ten Commandments of Goal Setting: Violate Them At Your Own Risk
based Achieve Healthcare Information Systems was the largest privately held information systems provider in the industry.
Development work has been completed (and further developments planned) on each criterion to achieve the requirements for industrial applications.
To achieve their objectives, these procedures involve removal of the posterior canal wall.
An analysis of HIV-infected individuals enrolled in study Dupont 006 revealed some interesting trends with regard to time needed to achieve viral suppression (defined as a viral load of less than 50 copies/mL).
Usually, I recommend, of course, sleep needs be met in the home setting so that pupils may achieve vital objectives of instruction in school.
Do you integrate recommendations developed to achieve one financial planning goal with those developed to meet other goals?