ache for

ache for (someone or something)

1. To feel a strong desire for someone or something. She ached for the companionship of her husband when he was deployed overseas.
2. To feel profound sadness or empathy for someone. I ache for those little children who just lost their parents in a car accident.
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ache for someone or something

 and hurt for someone or something
Fig. to desire someone or something very much. (So much that it "hurts.") Jim ached for the sight of Mary, whom he loved deeply.
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(16) One study published in 2005 by Adebamowo and colleagues found a positive association with ache for intake of total milk and skim milk, based on data from 47,355 women who completed questionnaires on their diet during high school).
GEORGE Bush wept yesterday as he told the families of two soldiers killed in Afghanistan: "We ache for you."
Wiping a tear from his cheek he said: "I know your heart aches and we ache for your son and brother."