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ache for (someone or something)

1. To feel a strong desire for someone or something. She ached for the companionship of her husband when he was deployed overseas.
2. To feel profound sadness or empathy for someone. I ache for those little children who just lost their parents in a car accident.
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1. verb To complain or gripe about someone or something. Of course Marjorie is bellyaching about how I left dishes out in the kitchen—she's not happy unless everything is perfectly put away.
2. noun Pain in one's stomach. I've had a bellyache all day, so I'm going to have to cancel our dinner plans.


Ill health caused by a hangover or alcohol withdrawal. If he just stops drinking all of a sudden, without medical supervision, he's liable to suffer from bottleache. I woke up with the worst bottleache of my life.
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ache for someone or something

 and hurt for someone or something
Fig. to desire someone or something very much. (So much that it "hurts.") Jim ached for the sight of Mary, whom he loved deeply.
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(ˈbɛli ek)
1. n. a stomachache. Oh, mama, do I have a bellyache!
2. in. to complain. You are always bellyaching!


n. a hangover; the delirium tremens. I got a touch of the bottleache this morning.
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