accustom (one) to

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accustom (one) to

To familiarize someone with something. You need to accustom the new interns to the layout of the building. Seth will accustom you to this project before our next meeting. Accustom yourself to the new software before we start using it more frequently.
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accustomed to

Familiar or comfortable with something. This phrase is often used to describe aspects of one's daily routine. Now that she is no longer in school, Stella has become accustomed to staying up late and sleeping until noon. I never thought I would become accustomed to working in a warehouse, but now I almost enjoy it.
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accustom someone to someone or something

to get someone used to someone or something. I think we can accustom Fred to the new rules without difficulty.
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*accustomed to someone or something

 and *accustomed to doing something used to someone or something
; used to or in the habit of doing something. (*Typically: be ~; become ~; grow ~.) The children are accustomed to eating late in the evening.
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accustomed to

Used to something or someone; having the habit of doing something. For example, In Spain we gave up our usual schedule and became accustomed to eating dinner at 10 p.m. Professor Higgins in the musical My Fair Lady (1956) ruefully sang the song "I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face" after his protégé Eliza walked out on him. [Second half of 1400s]
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accustom to

To bring someone or something into a condition that is harmonious with something else, especially through repeated experience: I have accustomed myself to waking up at dawn. They are not accustomed to such formal clothing.
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More and more, we are convinced that everything Acosta now pursues with all the dramatic flair she has accustomed us to is in aid of her appointment to higher office," de Lima said in a statement.
Al-Lami stressed in a statement to the Kuwaiti media on his arrival at the head of a press delegation to Kuwait this evening that Kuwait's embrace of the Iraq reconstruction conference is only part of these positive attitudes that Kuwait accustomed us to.
The history of art had also definitely already accustomed us to focusing on red.
He also paid homage to Olam's performance, con- cluding: "You have accustomed us to miracles and, as Omar Bongo said, the more they give me, the more I want.
He also paid homage to Olam's performance, concluding: "You have accustomed us to miracles and, as Omar Bongo said, the more they give me, the more I want.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Modern physics has accustomed us to strange and counterintuitive notions of reality-especially quantum physics which is famous for leaving physical objects in strange states of superposition.
Throughout the book Munro forces the literature into categories, genres, and subgenres, as well assubsets of human experience, even if contemporary critics (and writers) have accustomed us to reading texts in ways that defy categorizations.
What Manila has accustomed us to read is not even half of the full collective memory of our country.
His Highness expressed his gratitude to the officials in the ministry for this outstanding sports event, and said: "The Ministry of Youth & Sports Affairs has accustomed us to excellence with their organizational efforts, and the success of this league continues to build on the success of the previous leagues which aim to serve the Kingdom's youth in the sports sector.
It was a rather astonishing comment by a minister who has accustomed us to his rational and well-grounded analyses of the economy and the problems it faced.
If curating through formal similarities often flattens the effect an object might have were it considered independently, here the similarities are part of the argument: This leveling is posited as a consequence of the technologization of everyday life, in which computers, cell phones, and the like have accustomed us to objects that all "appear to communicate with us.
It is a big disappointment, the kind of charade of summary justice that the dictatorship had accustomed us to," said Mouhieddine Cherbib of a France-based Tunisian rights group.
The fast edit of TV or cinema has accustomed us to rapidly absorbing and connecting hundreds of images or scenes, but sometimes the moving image can also allow us to contemplate, to rest awhile in another story.
Perhaps it is Dostoevsky who has most accustomed us to violent literary protagonists.
Dixon's style has so accustomed us to unexpected turns (returns, counterturns) that we can never expect "the end" to be the only possibility.