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accustom (one) to

To familiarize someone with something. You need to accustom the new interns to the layout of the building. Seth will accustom you to this project before our next meeting. Accustom yourself to the new software before we start using it more frequently.
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accustomed to

Familiar or comfortable with something. This phrase is often used to describe aspects of one's daily routine. Now that she is no longer in school, Stella has become accustomed to staying up late and sleeping until noon. I never thought I would become accustomed to working in a warehouse, but now I almost enjoy it.
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*accustomed to someone or something

 and *accustomed to doing something used to someone or something
; used to or in the habit of doing something. (*Typically: be ~; become ~; grow ~.) The children are accustomed to eating late in the evening.
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accustomed to

Used to something or someone; having the habit of doing something. For example, In Spain we gave up our usual schedule and became accustomed to eating dinner at 10 p.m. Professor Higgins in the musical My Fair Lady (1956) ruefully sang the song "I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face" after his protégé Eliza walked out on him. [Second half of 1400s]
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The 'Walk The Line' star said that he could imagine it in the case of an actor like Johnny Depp, who for years has had such a level of fame that he is somewhat accustomed to it.
Over recent years, most Muslim women and girls in this predominantly Muslim girls have been accustomed to appearing in public wearing the Islamic headdress.
LAST DAYS continues and end-of-world saga begun in PEEPS, but no prior familiarity is needed to quickly become accustomed to plot and action.
While we've grown comfortably accustomed to having whatever food we want, during any season and at any hour, Sandor Ellix Katz, author of The Revolution Will Not Be Microwaved (Chelsea Green Publishing Company, $20), says that that convenience comes at a substantial cost.
The rigor and structure PMs are accustomed to imposing on a project make them especially valuable members of the security assistance team.
Strikes have not decreased in number because the unions are now docile, but because, apart from excessive salary demands, they have grown accustomed to getting nearly everything they want at the bargaining table.
Sports fans have long been accustomed to stadiums taking on corporate brand names.
Choosing to remain with the School System would have certainly meant assignment to different schools throughout the district in roles to which they were not accustomed and separation from a well-established team focused on providing quality public library programs and services.
Those already accustomed to winning because of their greater investment in skilled staff would simply win more, while those not so accustomed would be in much the same position as before.
Plamondon is the only dancer who has performed Quijada's choreography in pointe shoes, but she forecasts that as dancers become accustomed to his style, he will integrate more pointe work into frenetic hip hop moves.
But for readers accustomed to the rough-and-ready informality of many blogs, these new websites are curious creations.
We want to offer adults who are downsizing from large homes, the same kind of space and luxury living they are accustomed to.
Divided into page-size vignettes and personal testimonies, The Art of Debt-Free Living breaks down practical advice into simple, quickly grasped concepts and is an ideal introduction to good money habits especially for teenagers, first-time homeowners, newly married couples and others growing accustomed to the responsibility paying their own bills.
Only a few advanced high school students will stick with this book, but a teaching staff accustomed to a more limited view of this great historical movement will enjoy sharing this wider perspective with students.