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accustom (one) to

To familiarize someone with something. You need to accustom the new interns to the layout of the building. Seth will accustom you to this project before our next meeting. Accustom yourself to the new software before we start using it more frequently.
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accustom someone to someone or something

to get someone used to someone or something. I think we can accustom Fred to the new rules without difficulty.
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accustom to

To bring someone or something into a condition that is harmonious with something else, especially through repeated experience: I have accustomed myself to waking up at dawn. They are not accustomed to such formal clothing.
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References in classic literature ?
Then tell me, Haidee, do you believe you shall be able to accustom yourself to our present mode of life?
But these are the principal masses which were then to be distinguished when the eye began to accustom itself to this tumult of edifices.
Philip was put on the job regularly, but he could not accustom himself to the publicity; and he dreaded Friday morning, on which the window was dressed, with a terror that made him awake at five o'clock and lie sleepless with sickness in his heart.
Never shall I accustom myself to the idea that Louise, the chastest and most innocent of women, has been able to so basely deceive a man so honest and so true a lover as myself.
That is what we must accustom ourselves to recognize with regard to your brother's family.
My plan was to accustom him to his new surroundings before bursting on the scene myself.
And if you accustom yourself to this, Nancy, the very effort itself will make you love them in some degree--to say nothing of the goodwill your kindness would beget in them, though they might have little else that is good about them.
Rosa sighed, yet without any bitter feeling, but rather like a woman who begins to understand a foible, and to accustom herself to it.
Never did anything," "if I were," and "those things," were phrases, with many variations, that he repeated under his breath in order to accustom his tongue to the language spoken by Ruth.
A sailor's sweetheart must accustom herself to partings.