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accuse (one) of

To blame someone for a crime or wrongdoing. I can't believe he would accuse me of stealing money out of his wallet. Don't accuse him of lying without any evidence.
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accuse someone of something

to charge someone with a crime, a violation of rules or instructions, or doing something wrong. Please don't accuse me of forgetting to lock the door.
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He who excuses himself accuses himself.

Prov. By apologizing for something, you admit that you did it. Maybe I should tell my boss I'm sorry for breaking the copy machine. On the other hand, he who excuses himself accuses himself.
See also: accuse, excuse, he, himself, who
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The hands are pointing accusingly, assigning blame to someone else.
He looks at you accusingly as if you have the time or inclination to pull every card out and secretly play bingo in the back.
Their fingers are still pointed, accusingly, at NBA officials who they (and Nader) believe robbed Sacramento of a Game 6 victory.
Perhaps the most-welcome bonus feature, though, is the fact that the annoying little light will not blink accusingly at you in case of a power surge that knocks the current off temporarily, demanding that you reset it before you go mad.
You must have just changed the filter," he said accusingly.
One of the audience asked almost accusingly, "How do you keep control?
of Washington Press, 1973) is accusingly invoked for acknowledging a
Canada has gained much undue respect and unearned credibility internationally by pointing a finger accusingly, and posturing outward as the good, sensible and humane people willing to take on the cause of human rights and to support international law.
Because you didn't meet the plan," the higherups replied accusingly.
This figure points the letters accusingly at de Flesselles as he looks toward the crowd in the Place de Greve.
and points accusingly at my handbag full of notebooks and cassette tapes.
No doubt these words were frequently hurled accusingly by Jesus' followers at those Jews who did not accept Jesus.
It's all in what you generate, he says, looking accusingly at the bag that holds the chips.
They stare bleakly or accusingly out toward the audience.
Abusively (01) Insensitively (21) Accusingly (02) Lively 22) Appreciatively (03) Loyally (23) Backbitingly (04) Miserably (24) Badly (05) Nastily (25) Belovedly (06) Negatively (26) Blessedly (07) Peacefully (27) Coldly (08) Pleasingly (28) Cruelly (09) Pleasurably (29) Damnably (10) Praisingly (30) Delightfully (11) Rudely (31) Discouragingly (12) Sweetly (32) Faithfully (13) Terribly (33) Fantastically (14) Thankfully (34) Gently (15) Thoughtfully (35) Happily (16) Trustingly (36) Harshly (17) Truthfully (37) Impolitely (18) Unappreciatively (38) Inconsiderably (19) Violently (39) Inhumanely (20) Wonderfully (40)