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accuse (one) of (something)

To blame one for a crime or wrongdoing. I can't believe he would accuse me of stealing money out of his wallet. Don't accuse him of lying without any evidence.
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he who excuses himself accuses himself

proverb By apologizing, one admits that they have done something wrong. No, if you apologize to Mom, then she'll know that you were the only who scratched up her car. He who excuses himself accuses himself!
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accuse someone of something

to charge someone with a crime, a violation of rules or instructions, or doing something wrong. Please don't accuse me of forgetting to lock the door.
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He who excuses himself accuses himself.

Prov. By apologizing for something, you admit that you did it. Maybe I should tell my boss I'm sorry for breaking the copy machine. On the other hand, he who excuses himself accuses himself.
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Once more, the Surah picks up the narrative style, portraying them as they argue with one another: "They will turn upon one another accusingly. Some [of them] will say: You used to [whisper to us] approaching us from the right!" This describes the normal condition of whispering, coming from the right.
"You haven't had to work on anything in this way for 40 years", my son threw at me accusingly when I said there was still another hour's work to do today, part way through our not-so-much-a-half-term-holiday, more an intensive-revision-boot-camp.
My father ultimately trumped my mother when he pointed at her across the table and said, accusingly, "You had a painted house."
As a moral matter, we should never point our fingers accusingly at people whose lives are simply unimaginably different from our own.
Nan said accusingly: "You tuck an' shot Callie Tiner seben times right through de heart wider forty-fo', but you ain't knowed if he's dead or no--huh?
You know the old proverb about how when you point your finger accusingly at someone, you're really pointing three fingers back at yourself.
"Do you want me to die of thirst, Peter?" Georgie said to his brother accusingly. Peter seemed a little irritated.
These two valleys are perhaps the longest crater chains on the Moon and seem to point accusingly back to the center of the Nectaris basin.
Friend and foe alike, look at you accusingly in the face and tell you how bitterly they are disappointed in you as an American."
The hands are pointing accusingly, assigning blame to someone else.
Perhaps the most-welcome bonus feature, though, is the fact that the annoying little light will not blink accusingly at you in case of a power surge that knocks the current off temporarily, demanding that you reset it before you go mad.
One of the audience asked almost accusingly, "How do you keep control?" Herb replied, "Never had control, don't want control!"
You must have just changed the filter," he said accusingly. I had, indeed, just done so.
"And what would you know about that, Father?" Michael questioned accusingly. "You were never there.