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accuse (one) of

To blame someone for a crime or wrongdoing. I can't believe he would accuse me of stealing money out of his wallet. Don't accuse him of lying without any evidence.
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accuse someone of something

to charge someone with a crime, a violation of rules or instructions, or doing something wrong. Please don't accuse me of forgetting to lock the door.
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He who excuses himself accuses himself.

Prov. By apologizing for something, you admit that you did it. Maybe I should tell my boss I'm sorry for breaking the copy machine. On the other hand, he who excuses himself accuses himself.
See also: accuse, excuse, he, himself, who
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Anti Car lifting Cell(ACLC) of police arrested accuse Mohabat Shah and recovered a tempered car bearing registration LEA-4978 amounting to rupees 14 lac from him.
Industrial area police arrested accuse Bilal Ahmad and recovered tampered car bearing registration no LWL-0907 amounting to rupees 14 lac from him.
CIA police arrested accuse Baber Iqbal Massaih and recovered 25 wine bottles from him.