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accuse (one) of

To blame someone for a crime or wrongdoing. I can't believe he would accuse me of stealing money out of his wallet. Don't accuse him of lying without any evidence.
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accuse someone of something

to charge someone with a crime, a violation of rules or instructions, or doing something wrong. Please don't accuse me of forgetting to lock the door.
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He who excuses himself accuses himself.

Prov. By apologizing for something, you admit that you did it. Maybe I should tell my boss I'm sorry for breaking the copy machine. On the other hand, he who excuses himself accuses himself.
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Cosby is due in court for a pretrial hearing Monday, less than two weeks after his daughter's death, as his lawyers clash with prosecutors over how many of his accusers are allowed to testify at his April 2 sexual assault trial.
What the conventional practices often ignore is the reality of a vast power imbalance - the kind experienced by the women victimised by Roger Ailes at Fox News, or by the dozens of accusers who have come forward regarding television star Bill Cosby.
Allegations arising from such relationships are among the most difficult to prove, as they often hinge on credibility of the accuser and the accused.
O'Brien denies the allegations, and says he was never assigned to the schools and parishes where his accuser says the abuse occurred.
While he said the Justice secretary had already apologized to him by phone Wednesday night, Aquino still wants his accuser to make his apology public.
ONE of Sir Cliff Richard's sex accusers was arrested over an alleged plot to blackmail him.
He stressed that the accuser had disappeared in a weird way from the courtroom during the session, saying the judge preferred to postpone the trial due to the large crowd inside the courtroom and to take additional security measures in the next session.
A due diligence analysis on the patent in some instances can even allow an accused company to step back to the negotiation table with enough of an initial strengthened response to make the accuser go away.
But they also heard his accuser branded an "accomplished liar, fantasist" who "had spun a web of lies".
Second, in 92% percent of the claims with losses, the accuser was under the influence of alcohol, and "more than 60 percent of accusers were so intoxicated that they had no clear memory of the assault.
An anonymous accuser would tell the authorities that - while having a few flagons in Ye Old Ale house - you suggested that the Earth was not flat but round.
The accuser claims he was joining the protesters in Tahrir Square when he was stopped at one of the entrances, where he was apprehended and accused of being an infiltrator or police officer.
Each woman has an important role from the first accusations to the first hangings, and Roach approaches the women's stories, whether accused or accuser, with the same in-depth research and insight.
The accuser, now 18, told authorities Weberman abused her repeatedly from the time she was 12 until she was 15.
ISLAMABAD -- Doctors and officials are "favouring" a young Pakistani Christian girl charged with blasphemy after allegedly burning papers containing Quranic verses, the lawyer for her accuser claimed Thursday.