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accuse (one) of

To blame someone for a crime or wrongdoing. I can't believe he would accuse me of stealing money out of his wallet. Don't accuse him of lying without any evidence.
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never ask pardon before you are accused

Apologizing for something before someone has laid blame on you for it only ensures that you are thought of as the guilty party. A: "I accidentally scratched his car pulling out of the parking lot last night. Should I offer to pay for it?" B: "Never ask pardon before you're accused. He might not even notice."
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Never ask pardon before you are accused.

Prov. Do not apologize for something if nobody knows that you did it, because by apologizing, you are admitting that you did it. Alan: Should I apologize to Jane for losing the necktie she gave me? Jane: Wait and see if she asks you what happened to the necktie. Never ask pardon before you are accused.
See also: accused, ask, before, never, pardon
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The court awarded death sentence to one accused , identified as Imran, and two times life imprisonment to three accused , identified as Fazl and Mujeebullah and Ashfaq Khan.
The prosecution alleged that the accused was a member of the Jammatul Ahrar, a splinter group of the banned Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan.
Ezekiel Ayorinde had told the court that the accused committed the offences on Feb.
The Accused Dragisa Brnic and the Accused Neven Stanic are found guilty because from December 2013 to September 2014, with the intention to purchase, transport and install equipment for the preparation of the facility intended for illicit production of narcotic drugs Cannabis in the Kingdom of Denmark, mediated and contributed the procurement of such equipment, transportation and installation thereof, and the production of at least 2030 stalks, that is, 93 kg of narcotic drugs Cannabis.
At the inception of hearing, only one among three accused appeared in the court.
The accused was again granted bail by additional and sessions judge Rawalpindi and the court has cancelled this bail.
Subsequently, accused Rana Mohsin Bhatti also issued cheques signed by him as surety of joint Bank account of factory which were dishonoured, afterwards.
He also told the court that the DNA sample of the accused had also matched with the samples collected from another minor child who was raped but had survived the attack.
He said the plaintiff had invited the accused mother to accompany her to collect her clothes from the accused's house where the two lovers stayed.
According to details, the accused Inam Akbar is the owner of media advertising company namely Messrs Evernew Concept and while Yousuf Kabooro was serving as Deputy Director Information Department Government of Sindh.
In a case update released by the Supreme Court Public Information Office (SC PIO), of the 197 accused, 103 are still under trial.
According to Joint interrogation team (JIT) report - a copy of which is available with The Frontier Post, Nisar Morai has accused former President and Co-Chairman PPP Asif Ali Zardari, his sister Faryal Talpur, Dr Zulfiqar Mirza, Sharjeel Inaam Memon and several others of several crimes from targeted killings to corruption.
The three accused were arrested red-handed at Khasab Port while handing over the narcotics.
All the men are accused of casting their reels without a licence - a charge brought by Wales' environment body Natural Resources Wales.
Summary: An Arab businessman and a government department employee have been accused by the Finance Public Prosecution in Abu Dhabi of allegedly offering a bribe of Dh900,000 plus a proportion of annual profits to another employee working in the same government department.