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accrue to (something)

To be paid or credited into an account or a store of something. How much interest has accrued to your savings account? By June, eight more days will have accrued to your vacation time.
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accrue to someone or something

[used of interest paid on money] to be credited to an account or to a person's account. Interest will accrue to your account as long as the account is active.
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The taxpayer who elects to include market discount as it accrues increases his basis by the amounts included in gross income each year.
Whether Interest Is Deductible to the Borrower as It Accrues
-- Education and training for Accrue services and support personnel, as well as for sales representatives on IBM DB2
To become a member of the Cisco iQ Ecosystem Program, Accrue underwent a rigorous evaluation process to prove that its solution met the high quality standards that Cisco is known for.
An accrual-basis taxpayer normally takes deductions for expenses in the year the item accrues. But when the expense accrued by the taxpayer is owed to a related party who uses the cash basis of accounting, IRC section 267(a)(2) delays the deduction for the accrual-basis taxpayer to the year in which the related party includes the amount in gross income, the year of payment.
Twenty-nine of the companies studied disclosed that they already accrue or fund retiree medical and life insurance liabilities.
California-based Accrue Software Inc has launched an e-business analysis platform called Accrue G2.
If the taxpayer's year 1 return results in an IRS audit deficiency (when the taxpayer elected to apply an overpayment to the subsequent year's estimated tax liability), underpayment interest would not begin to accrue until the amount of the overpayment credited was used to cover the deficiency.
Earnings accrue tax-free under section 529(c)(1) and distributions are tax-free under section 529(c)(3)(B)(i) when used to pay for a designated beneficiary's QHEEs.
Generally, interest and penalties accrue during periods for which taxes are unpaid, regardless of whether a taxpayer knows taxes are due.
5, an entity should accrue a loss contingency by a charge to income if it satisfies both of these criteria:
Experience among users indicates that the ability of a company to properly account for and accrue tax is heavily dependent on the involvement of the tax department in setting up the program, defining the type of information to be received from the card issuer, and encouraging company management to devote necessary resources to address the sales and use tax issues.
Any goodwill that accrues from the contribution will accrue in the United States.
The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) recently published a summary of its proposed Statement of Financial Accounting Standards calling for companies to begin to accrue the costs of these benefits in 1992.