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accredit (something) to (someone)

To attribute an action or achievement to someone. We did write that song together, but I accredit the catchy melody to my brother—that was all his idea. You have truly inspired your students, so we accredit this renewed interest in the school newspaper entirely to you, Mrs. Smith.
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accredit something to someone

to assign or attribute a deed to someone; to assign or attribute praise to someone. (Often passive.) We can accredit this great success to Fred and his committee.
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While not all business programs are AACSB-accredited, the requirements of regional accrediting bodies may be similar in their focus on liberal learning and assessment of student learning.
The problems identified with the JCAHO survey do not necessarily apply to other potential accrediting organizations.
The topic of accrediting tax specialists was given to the Tax Division's Tax Executive Committee, which established a Tax Specialization Task Force under the Tax Practice Management Committee.
In addition, many argued that creation of the division for CPA firms would establish a second level of CPAs by accrediting some, but this problem has not materialized.
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