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accredit (one) with (something)

To attribute an action or achievement to someone. Often used in passive constructions. We did write that song together, but I accredit my brother with the catchy melody—that was all his idea. She has been accredited with saving the company from bankruptcy.
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accredit (something) to (someone)

To attribute an action or achievement to someone. We did write that song together, but I accredit the catchy melody to my brother—that was all his idea. You have truly inspired your students, so we accredit this renewed interest in the school newspaper entirely to you, Mrs. Smith.
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accredit something to someone

to assign or attribute a deed to someone; to assign or attribute praise to someone. (Often passive.) We can accredit this great success to Fred and his committee.
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Graduates from AACSB accredited schools typically enjoy higher compensation packages in the job market, providing an edge over non-accredited schools.
'All accredited observers shall abide by the code of conduct for election observers, which is available for download on the INEC website.
The DOT reminded that establishments that are not accredited should cease and desist from making room bookings for sale.
The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced that the registration of electric vehicles in the Dubai's Traffic System would require the existence of an accredited agent of such vehicles in the UAE, according to WAM.
RTA is holding training courses in collaboration with accredited auto agents in the UAE, for vehicle examiners, with the aim of familiarising them with the testing standards of electric and hygiene vehicles.
An ATMS Accredited Member has four essential requirements to maintain Accredited Membership:
California is the first state where the program is available, and Atlas is actively working with Accredited to expand this program nationwide.
He further stated that the Botswana Qualification Authority (BQA) made provisions for only two distinctions, adding that 'a programme will either be accredited or not accredited.'
He wants members of the public to only do business with the medicine stores or pharmacies that have been accredited by LMHPRA.
Requirements for the practical assessment for RFPNW and RFPEW include birth certificate showing the candidate is not younger than 16 years old and certificate of completion of training from an accredited Maritime Training Institution, or Transcript of Records with Special Order from an accredited Maritime Higher Education Institutions (MHEIs) as proof of successful completion of the approved education and training programs that meets the standard of competence approved by Marina.
it has accredited the 6th accredited registrar for the country code top-
It now is Florida's first and only accredited law enforcement agency housed completely within a court.
Objective--To explore the extent to which veterinary colleges and schools accredited by the AVMA Council on Education (COE) have incorporated specific courses related to animal welfare, behavior, and ethics.
"The HCIC has issued a decree that requires all its accredited health care providers to comply with all requirements," said CCHI Secretary-General Mohammed bin Suleiman Al-Hussein.
Local and regional chambers are rated "Accredited," "Accredited with 3 Stars," "Accredited with 4 Stars," or "Accredited with 5 Stars." State chambers are rated "Accredited State Chamber," or "Accredited State Chamber with Distinction." The final determination is made by the accrediting board, a committee of U.S.
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