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accredit (something) to (someone)

To attribute an action or achievement to someone. We did write that song together, but I accredit the catchy melody to my brother—that was all his idea. You have truly inspired your students, so we accredit this renewed interest in the school newspaper entirely to you, Mrs. Smith.
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accredit something to someone

to assign or attribute a deed to someone; to assign or attribute praise to someone. (Often passive.) We can accredit this great success to Fred and his committee.
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For more information, contact Accredited Drug Testing Inc at (800) 221-4291 or visit our company website at www.
Freedom Travel Group's status as an Accredited Body is effective immediately.
Newly accredited agencies can maintain their status for 3 years by submitting annual reports attesting to continued compliance (which, of course, may involve additional changes); at the end of the 3-year period, the agency may repeat the process and continue accredited status into the future.
6%) of the 920 exams taken by accredited program graduates were passed, [X.
Accredited investors can register as investor members without paying a fee,
For information on registrars accredited in the United States, contact
a professionally trained and experienced individual [who] will have an MLS from an ALA accredited program or [italics mine] a business degree.
Rehabilitation counselors learn a variety of concepts, facts, and techniques in a CORE accredited program.
Finalisation of the amalgamation is to occur by 29 June 2012, Accredited Members Holding said.
In 2002, previously accredited camps will be visited for the second time on our current set of standards.
A recent study clearly shows that long term care facilities accredited by JCAHO have significantly fewer health-related deficiencies involving actual harm or immediate jeopardy.
These question and answer discussions cover such things as standards an institution must meet to be accredited and accreditation procedures, with descriptions of appeal processes should accreditation be denied or lost.
Regulation D comprises five rules which are the warp and woof of the regulatory fabric of private offerings: Rule 501 sets forth definitions of terms used in the Regulation, most notably that of accredited investor, which for our purposes means individuals with a $1 million net worth (home and car included), or with consistent minimum annual income of $200,000.
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