according to (one's) own lights

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according to (one's) own lights

Based on one's beliefs or inclinations. You may not agree with Kara's free-spirited lifestyle, but she has always lived according to her own lights. Come on, you're 30 years old now—you really need to break away from your parents and start living according to your own lights! I don't feel any shame about getting divorced. In fact, it mostly feels like a relief to finally be living according to my own lights!
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according to one's own lights

according to the way one believes; according to the way one's conscience or inclinations lead one. John may have been wrong, but he did what he did according to his own lights.
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according to your lights

in accordance with your own personal standards of morality or propriety.
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To Thoreau virtue meant finding one's own individuality from within (not from the dictates of society), living deliberately according to one's own lights, and maintaining and respecting one's inner wildness, the wildness within others, and the wildness of nature.
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