according to (one's) own lights

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according to (one's) own lights

Based on one's beliefs or inclinations. You may not agree with Kara's free-spirited lifestyle, but she has always lived according to her own lights.
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according to one's own lights

according to the way one believes; according to the way one's conscience or inclinations lead one. John may have been wrong, but he did what he did according to his own lights.
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according to your lights

in accordance with your own personal standards of morality or propriety.
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Bergman has taken the liberty of completing the transition, according to his own lights, of course.
Significantly, Moses also sees in the African a way to fight the larger instability of creation: By making Mingo a reflection of his own opinions, Moses intends to aim "a shotgun at the whole world through the African, blasting away at all that Moses, according to his own lights, tagged evil, and cultivating the good" (5).