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Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

Do not delay or hesitate to do something if you can finish or accomplish it today. A: "I've just got one more short assignment and then I'll be finished with my homework, but I think I'll wait until Sunday to do it." B: "You'll enjoy your weekend more if you do it now. Remember, never put off until tomorrow what you can do today!"
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mission accomplished

A clichéd phrase said upon the successful completion of a project, task, assignment, milestone, etc. Well everyone, our app has reached 1 million downloads. Mission accomplished! If your goal was to annoy the heck out of all your friends, then mission accomplished.

ˌmission acˈcomplished

used when you have successfully completed what you have had to do: Mission accomplished. Let’s go and have a drink.
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Effective June 3, 2015, change of reporting official EPRs for master sergeants will no longer be accomplished.
If you have three tasks accomplished by noon, then things look terrific in the rearview mirror by noon.
The hardest aspect is often identifying the critical goals that must be accomplished during a PSW and then fitting those goals or tasks within the allotted time.
But I can think of one high-tech solution (online voting), and one low-tech solution (marking a paper ballot at your local polling place) that could easily be accomplished in this time frame, let alone the 21 days suggested by the continuity law that Klein criticizes.
This rare opportunity was accomplished by the loading of the Strong American tug barge vessel and the MV Global Patriot.
This is to be accomplished with the least risk, affordably and economically.
Following Puffer and Wood through an easy and thoroughly "kid friendly" tour of Wood's most accomplished works and focusing on certain aspects of each painting profiled, Dropping In On Grant Wood deftly captivates the attention young readers with an informed appreciation of this accomplished painter's finest work.
As a participant in this collaborative effort since 1985, I am deriving as much satisfaction from Einstein's achievements as from anything I've accomplished as president and CEO of Weinberg Properties.
Over the past year, boards in at least five states have forged efforts to attract accomplished teachers to high-needs schools.
Duralde completely overlooks the heroics of what these people accomplished.
They are selected to bring together the available knowledge, give direction for the work to be done and create an environment for it to be accomplished.
They figure the faster the engine warms up, the sooner the mission will be accomplished.