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mission accomplished

A clichéd phrase said upon the successful completion of a project, task, assignment, milestone, etc. Well everyone, our app has reached 1 million downloads. Mission accomplished! If your goal was to annoy the heck out of all your friends, then mission accomplished.

Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

proverb Do not delay or hesitate to do something if you can finish or accomplish it today. A: "I've just got one more short assignment and then I'll be finished with my homework, but I think I'll wait until Sunday to do it." B: "You'll enjoy your weekend more if you do it now. Remember, never put off until tomorrow what you can do today!"
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ˌmission acˈcomplished

used when you have successfully completed what you have had to do: Mission accomplished. Let’s go and have a drink.
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Unfortunately, knowing myself, it will take me a long time to accomplish anything, maybe even longer than I had remaining in my natural term.
According to the HuffPost/YouGov Poll, 39 percent of Americans said Obama will accomplish more in his second term.
What did we accomplish? I think you can answer that question by looking at the situation in Iraq today.
As you know, from the perspective of a healthcare executive recruiter, I am constantly fascinated by employment and how successful people accomplish great things.
There will be plenty of action steps required to accomplish the goal.
CHICAGO--After decades of prominence as first-line antihypertensive agents in the national guidelines, diuretics appear to have been dethroned as a consequence of the landmark ACCOMPLISH trial.
As DAU's experience with PSWs has grown, the common challenge to emerge has been structuring the PSW to accomplish program needs.
These missions showed SDDC, JMC, and the transportation community that we can accomplish any mission, from humanitarian to contingency, and gave us some good exposure as to the capabilities we have here on the West Coast at MOTCO."
When her efforts pay off with an A on the quiz, this increases her personal belief that she can accomplish similar tasks in the future.
"I hope that those of you here today will carry on and try to accomplish some of the same kinds of things that I was able to accomplish, with the help of the people around me."
Resources are the physical items that can be utilized to accomplish a goal, such as technology and personnel.
The answer is that it isn't all that effectual at accomplishing what advertisers are trying to accomplish. If extreme uses of language or images or innuendo are actually a distraction, if that is what people remember but not the brand name or where to buy the product, you have failed.
However you characterize a leader, I believe your success depends not so much on what you are able to do, as on what you are able to get others to accomplish. When the most effective leader's work is done, people will say, "We did it ourselves." Unless you can make them feel that way about what they have done, they probably never would have done it.
However, he knew that he would never accomplish his entrepreneurial dream without stepping out of his comfort zone and taking a chance.