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Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

Do not delay or hesitate to do something if you can finish or accomplish it today. A: "I've just got one more short assignment and then I'll be finished with my homework, but I think I'll wait until Sunday to do it." B: "You'll enjoy your weekend more if you do it now. Remember, never put off until tomorrow what you can do today!"
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mission accomplished

A clichéd phrase said upon the successful completion of a project, task, assignment, milestone, etc. Well everyone, our app has reached 1 million downloads. Mission accomplished! If your goal was to annoy the heck out of all your friends, then mission accomplished.

ˌmission acˈcomplished

used when you have successfully completed what you have had to do: Mission accomplished. Let’s go and have a drink.
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Accomplish launches for iOS in the Apple App store in April 2018.
We are constantly creating ideas of what we WANT to accomplish and ideas of who we want to become " an important piece of human growth.
These findings suggest that students who possess numerous strategies may experience a higher sense of control to accomplish an academic task than low achievers, and would have a higher self-efficacy for that particular task or subject domain.
The ability to achieve the goals and objectives defined by healthcare companies are a difficult balancing act; to map the business "functional requirements" to the "nonfunctional requirements" of technology and accomplish this within the limits of a budget.
Fourth, I wanted to accomplish Congressional enactment of the AICPA Federal Financial Management Program.
manufactured military equipment is available to accomplish the mission set by the participating governments.
Good planning and a basic knowledge of parliamentary procedure are vital ingredients to ensuring that organizations and their members accomplish their goals.
Applications must include the following: 1) cover letter; 2) curriculum vitae; 3) candidate statement, not exceeding 1,000 words, that addresses why the fellowship is desired, how the candidate is qualified with respect to environmental science policy, what issues interest the candidate, what the candidate hopes to accomplish as a fellow, and how the candidate hopes the fellowship will affect his/her career goals; and 4) letters of reference from three people who can discuss professional competence and other personal or professional qualities or interests making the applicant especially qualified to serve as a fellow.
In order to accomplish the breakthrough the researchers had to overcome manufacturing difficulties in working at such size levels.
of muscular force lifted three feet will accomplish more work than 200 lbs.
With the results of this analysis an objective, quantitative basis, leaders can make changes in inputs and throughputs to better align the organization to its environmental and create products and services that more closely accomplish the desired outputs.
Administration is first and foremost a method to accomplish a mission.
A consultant suggested that Jones begin by deciding what he wanted the team-building exercise to accomplish.
They want to accomplish their objectives without accelerating the income tax liability that results when retirement distributions are made, and without incurring any estate taxes on the death of the later to die.
com)-- For over 20 years, Accomplish CashManager has been widely used throughout New Zealand and Australia, and now United States customers can purchase this accessible, feature rich and easy to use small business accounting software from Handy Tech North America and its' dealers.