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accompanied by

Joined by; presented along with. The slice of pie was accompanied by a scoop of vanilla ice cream. My husband is sick, so I'll be accompanied by my son at the charity auction.
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accompany (one)

1. To travel with someone. This phrase can be used in reference to both people and things. While I enjoy spending time alone, I sometimes wish I had someone to accompany me on vacations. Pete's dog was more than happy to accompany him to the park. My cell phone always accompanies me when I leave the house.
2. To play a musical instrument in support of a featured band or performer. While her little sister played the flute, Sarah accompanied her on the clarinet. Will you accompany me on piano when I sing at the talent show?
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accompany (one) with

To play a musical instrument in support of a featured band or performer. I need someone to accompany me with piano when I sing at the talent show.
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accompanied by something

with something extra to go along with something else; with something to complement something else. Dessert was accompanied by a fine white wine.
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accompany someone on a journey

1. [for someone] to go with someone on a trip, journey, adventure, etc. Would you please accompany me on my next trip?
2. [for something] to be brought with someone on a trip, journey, etc. My cameras always accompany me on my travels.
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accompany someone on a musical instrument

to provide complementary instrumental music for someone's musical performance. Sally accompanied the singer on the piano.
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accompany someone with something

to use a particular musical instrument to play music that goes along with someone else's musical performance. She accompanied Mary with her flute.
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The guest and his accompanying delegation will meet with officials in the state.
The delegation accompanying Nijaifi includes the Minister of Finance, Rafi' al-Essawi, and Minister of Agriculture, Izeldeen al-Doula.
Tadeusz Iwinski and the accompanying delegation will proceed to Izmir on October 28.
I view the collaborative or accompanying assistantship as an all-win situation for the whole school.
Three additional persons (patients J, K, and Q) had been accompanying patients on the ward; symptoms of SARS developed in these three persons in the period April 12 18.
Miotki says immigration had never before prevented him from accompanying a client.
Results of the present study indicate that students feel very positively about the introduction of Web-based course materials and visual displays accompanying lectures and feel as though access to such resources is not impeded.
Contractors did accompany the forces in Desert Storm, and many contractor personnel are currently accompanying our forces in (and around) Bosnia and Kosovo, for example.
The investigators showed that the EG did not stay near the ends of the grafts, but migrated throughout the Schwann cell cables and spinal cord, accompanying growing axons all the way.
gov) or available by mail from the address noted on the accompanying resources list.
The IRS concluded that the accompanying exchange did not violate the solely-for-voting-stock requirement of a C reorganization.
Previously, the deduction for the travel costs of a spouse, dependent or other individual accompanying an employee was determined by whether that person's presence had a bona fide business purpose on the employee's trip and was more than incidental.
Campbell Soup Company (NYSE:CPB) invites interested shareowners, investors and consumers to listen to and view the slides accompanying its fourth quarter 2009 earnings conference call live over the Internet on Friday, September 11, 2009 at 10:00 a.
Muscat: Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of the Republic of India and his accompanying delegation left Oman today after a two-day visit to the Sultanate.