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But I thought you spoke of three men, three servants, who were to accompany us.
They told me that you would be happy to accompany us to the village of the Gomangani and punish these bad people while I, Korak, The Killer, carry away my Meriem.
Wait," he said, "let us determine how many shall accompany us.
Twenty men shall accompany us, and we shall ride WEST--when we leave the village.
These men painted that hideous wilderness in charming colours, told us that we should find a country watered with navigable rivers, and inhabited by a people that would either inform us of the way, or accompany us in it.
If Ghak will accompany us we may be able to do it," I suggested.
It is very true that the three elder gentlemen have proved themselves much keener sportsmen than the two younger ones; for both Lord Lowborough and Arthur Huntingdon have of late almost daily neglected the shooting excursions to accompany us in our various rides and rambles.
They do not seem anxious to accompany us," he said; "but just remain quietly here, Kaviri, and presently you shall see your people flocking to your side.
When Madame Fosco and I rose to leave the table, the Count rose also to accompany us back to the drawing-room.
I fully expected that he would have asked leave to accompany us.
And my promise to go was dependent on Tom's agreement to accompany us," said Mr.
All right, old top," muttered the Englishman, "I will give you the lesson of your life," and then turning to the girl: "Persuade him to let you accompany us.
They merely accompany us on the road for companionship.
You two accompany us to the Thuria," he said, "and put yourselves at the disposal of her dwar.
The 5,000 demining officials who risk their lives to save Cambodians feel warm for having a friend like a sibling to accompany us in saving the people's lives,' Kosal said.
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