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accompanied by

Joined by; presented along with. The slice of pie was accompanied by a scoop of vanilla ice cream. My husband is sick, so I'll be accompanied by my son at the charity auction.
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accompany (one)

1. To travel with one. This phrase can be used in reference to both people and things. While I enjoy spending time alone, I sometimes wish I had someone to accompany me on vacations. Pete's dog was more than happy to accompany him to the park. My cell phone always accompanies me when I leave the house.
2. To play a musical instrument in support of a featured band or performer. While her little sister played the flute, Sarah accompanied her on the clarinet. Will you accompany me on piano when I sing at the talent show?
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accompany (one) with

To play a musical instrument in support of a featured band or performer. I need someone to accompany me with piano when I sing at the talent show.
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accompany (one) on a/(one's) journey

To travel with someone or something. I think someone should accompany you on your journey so that you don't have to drive 10 hours on your own. Ellie's teddy bear definitely has to accompany us on our journey, or she'll be a wreck without it.
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accompanied by something

with something extra to go along with something else; with something to complement something else. Dessert was accompanied by a fine white wine.
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accompany someone on a journey

1. [for someone] to go with someone on a trip, journey, adventure, etc. Would you please accompany me on my next trip?
2. [for something] to be brought with someone on a trip, journey, etc. My cameras always accompany me on my travels.
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accompany someone on a musical instrument

to provide complementary instrumental music for someone's musical performance. Sally accompanied the singer on the piano.

accompany someone with something

to use a particular musical instrument to play music that goes along with someone else's musical performance. She accompanied Mary with her flute.
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HM King Mohammed VI, accompanied by HRH Prince Moulay Rachid arrived, Thursday afternoon in Doha, as part of a tour the Sovereign is carrying out in several countries of the region.
QDoes A If a worker is taking up a grievance with his/her employer, then he/she also has a right under the same law to be accompanied by a trade union official or a fellow worker.
His intense close-up of the aged man's mouth in A Conversation Past Noon in the Year 2005 is set to Holst's "Saturn: The Bringer of Old Age," while in Being Driven Somewhere Early in the Year 2003, an enraptured study of his girlfriend's face is accompanied by "Mercury: The Winged Messenger.
Sixty-two patients (81%) were either in the hospital before the onset of SARS or accompanied patients hospitalized on the same ward.
He accompanied one of his clients to the federal immigration office, and after the authorities found a problem with the man's papers, the trouble began.
We targeted reactions to lectures accompanied by Powerpoint slides specifically, and the average rating of students for degree to which they liked this was 6.
Gartenstein arranged the largest transaction in March, a $6 million first mortgage accompanied by $4 million line of credit for the 184-unit co-op located at 50 Lexington Avenue in Manhattan.
Along with this lofty status as assassin of the meek - as children were its main victims - smallpox was accompanied with various myths which Rutten addresses while isolating smallpox epidemics and public embattlement against them in the Netherlands during the 18th and 19th centuries.
The ultimate rationale for this new position is that the "reorganization," once accomplished, can be accompanied by other transactions that, as part of the plan of reorganization, receive tax-free treatment on the reorganization's coattails without violating the core reorganization requirements.
Others provided draft financial statements without intending to submit those statements in final form accompanied with the compilation or review report prescribed in SSARS no.
Pregnancy and advanced diabetes mellitus can also be accompanied by dyspepsia.
The Indian Prime Minister was accompanied by an official delegation comprising National Security Advisor, Foreign Secretary, Secretary (ER), Additional Secretary to the Prime Minister, Ambassador of the Republic of India to the Sultanate, Joint Secretary to the Prime Minister, Joint Secretary (Gulf), Joint Secretary (External Publicity) Spokesperson for the Ministry of External Affairs and a number of officials