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accompanied by (someone or something)

Joined by someone or something or presented along with someone or something. The slice of pie was accompanied by a scoop of vanilla ice cream. My husband is sick, so I'll be accompanied by my son at the charity auction.
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accompany (one)

1. To travel with one. This phrase can be used in reference to both people and things. While I enjoy spending time alone, I sometimes wish I had someone to accompany me on vacations. Pete's dog was more than happy to accompany him to the park. My cell phone always accompanies me when I leave the house.
2. To play a musical instrument in support of a featured band or performer. While her little sister played the flute, Sarah accompanied her on the clarinet. Will you accompany me on piano when I sing at the talent show?
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accompany (one) on a/(one's) journey

To travel with someone or something. I think someone should accompany you on your journey so that you don't have to drive 10 hours on your own. Ellie's teddy bear definitely has to accompany us on our journey, or she'll be a wreck without it.
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accompany (one) with (some instrument)

To play a musical instrument in support of a featured band or performer. I need someone to accompany me with piano when I sing at the talent show.
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accompanied by something

with something extra to go along with something else; with something to complement something else. Dessert was accompanied by a fine white wine.
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accompany someone on a journey

1. [for someone] to go with someone on a trip, journey, adventure, etc. Would you please accompany me on my next trip?
2. [for something] to be brought with someone on a trip, journey, etc. My cameras always accompany me on my travels.
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accompany someone on a musical instrument

to provide complementary instrumental music for someone's musical performance. Sally accompanied the singer on the piano.

accompany someone with something

to use a particular musical instrument to play music that goes along with someone else's musical performance. She accompanied Mary with her flute.
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This accompanied what remains for me the most moving (and underestimated) work of her early period: the series of reliefs called "Casulo" (Cocoon) and "Contra-relevo" (Counter-relief, in homage to Tatlin), both 1959, in which she translated the instability of Albers's spaces into the real, phenomenal field of our senses.
In Prelait, Point de Rosee, Blondel manipulated foodstuffs accompanied by a performance of her 1988 poem "Recueil des mots de ma Langue" (The harvest of the words of my tongue) which had been set to improvisational music.
Meanwhile, Admiral Bruno Branciforte, Chief of Naval Staff in the friendly Republic of Italy and his accompanying delegation today vested visited the Sultan's Armed Forces (SAF) Museum accompanied by the Military Attache at the Italian Embassy in Muscat.
Summary: Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) [India], June 26 (ANI): Giving much respite from the sweltering heat, several parts of Uttar Pradesh will likely witness heavy rains accompanied with thunderstorm late on Wednesday.
Reelectionist Senator Cynthia Villar, who topped the senatorial race, was accompanied by her husband Manny Villar who once served as senator and Las Pinas representative.
Governor of Al-Asimah and head of honor mission Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, Civil Aviation director-general Yousef Sulaiman Al-Fouzan and Kuwait's Ambassador to South Korea Bader Al-Awadhi accompanied Lee during his tour.
During its visit to the tourist sites in the Governorate of Dhofar, the delegation was accompanied by Hon.
During his visit, the Korean Prime Minister was accompanied by a delegation comprising Son Kum-ju, Lee Won and Song Seong, members of the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea, and H E Kang Doho.
He said even those who caused us suffering should also be accompanied saying to accompany is another way of "loving."
Sultan bin Mohammed Al Nu'amani, Minister of the Royal Office received in his office here on Wednesday Lt- Gen Sir John Lorimer Defence Senior Adviser for the Middle East Affairs in the United Kingdom (UK) accompanied by the British appointed Ambassador to the Sultanate and his accompanying delegation.
NNA - Newly appointed Canadian Ambassador to Lebanon, Emmanuelle Lamoureux, visited on Wednesday the Civil Aviation Directorate at Rafic Hariri International Airport accompanied by the Embassy's Executive Director for Middle Eastern Affairs, Sen Boyd, and an accompanying delegation.
22 (SUNA) The Chadian Prime Minister, Albert Pahimi Padacke, and the accompanying delegation have visited, Tuesday , the Amipharam Factory for Drugs Manufacturing , in Bahri area (north Khartoum), accompanied by the Vice President of the republic, Hassabo Mohamed Abdul-Rahman and the Federal Health Minister, Bahar Iddris Abu-Garda.
The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques accompanied the American President on a tour of the palace and the King briefed the president on contents of the palace.
Reprimanding CM KP over causing him embarrassment Khan said that all party office bearers should be made clear that he does not want to be accompanied by any MPA or minister in their expensive vehicles during his travel otherwise strict action would be taken.