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accommodate (someone's) wishes

To alter or tailor a situation so as to specifically cater to the desires, preferences, or designs of another person or persons. The laws exist this way for a reason, and you can't expect us to change them simply to accommodate your wishes.
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accommodate (oneself) to

To assimilate or adjust to a new environment or a different set of rules or expectations. The new student struggled to accommodate himself to the new school and often got in trouble as a result. If you're going to live with us, you need to accommodate yourself to our rules.
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accommodate (one) with

To fulfill one's needs, often with special consideration after something has gone awry. Thankfully, the hotel was able to accommodate us with a non-smoking room after all. I was told there were no rentals left, but once I mentioned my famous father, the clerk was suddenly able to accommodate me with a luxury car.
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accommodate oneself to something

to adapt oneself to something, such as someone else's needs or a new environment. Please try to accommodate yourself to our routine.
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accommodate someone with something

to provide something special for someone; to do something that provides for someone's needs or desires. We will try to accommodate you with an earlier flight.
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Active and passive dark focus were measured with the autorefractor before and after the intervening accommodative response task (newsprint viewing) during a single experimental session that lasted for approximately 30 min.
Recurring factors included a lack of training for using accommodative strategies, a lack of time, a need for change in the use of routine procedures, ability grouping of students, student characteristics, and school district limitations.
23) While the authors describe low dose atropine as having minimal effect on accommodation and pupil size, it would be useful to understand more on this to inform clinical decision making--perhaps low dose atropine will be less suited to the myope with baseline lower accommodative function.
Many of the earlier studies employed accommodative amplitude as the primary or sole index of accommodative dysfunction.
Either design has the potential to introduce accommodative errors binocularly and/or to introduce anisometropic errors (differences in accommodative demands between the eyes).
In the US, the recovery in activity and the entrenchment of inflation near the target led the Federal Reserve to again increase the federal funds rate, but the interest rate path based on forecasts of Fed officials still reflects accommodative policy, a sign that the recovery still needs the support of accommodative monetary policy.
40) The 'add' effect of a multifocal contact lens is more likely to translate into improved accommodative function in the young myope than reversed RPH--bifocal SCLs have demonstrated the capacity to reduce accommodative lags in young adult myopes.
said the recent rally in the local equity market would most probably be supported by rising expectations of sustained accommodative monetary policy through the second quarter of this year.
Tokyo stocks opened lower Thursday as the yen firmed versus the dollar, reacting to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke's comment that the central bank's accommodative monetary policy would be needed for the foreseeable future.
Summary: The dollar took a breather from recent gains, falling against most major currencies after comments from US Federal Reserve officials suggested the central bank would not immediately end its accommodative stance.
Federal Reserve to maintain its accommodative monetary policy, including its quantitative easing program.
When many nations with advanced economies simultaneously maintain accommodative monetary policies, as is the case today, it generally is mutually beneficial to all nations, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said March 25 during a speech in London.
In all likelihood, the Greenspan Fed is in the process of overshooting in its effort to shift from an accommodative to a neutral policy stance.
The Alliance also helped lure the kind of high tech companies that populated downtown during the dot com boom with its Plug 'n' Go program, which matched tenants with office space accommodative of their telecommunications and technology needs.