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accommodate (one) with (something)

To fulfill one's needs, often with special consideration after something has gone awry. Thankfully, the hotel was able to accommodate us with a non-smoking room after all. I was told there were no rentals left, but once I mentioned my famous father, the clerk was suddenly able to accommodate me with a luxury car.
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accommodate (oneself) to (something)

To assimilate or adjust to a new environment or a different set of rules or expectations. The new student struggled to accommodate himself to the new school and often got in trouble as a result. If you're going to live with us, you need to accommodate yourself to our rules.
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accommodate (someone's) wishes

To alter or tailor a situation so as to specifically cater to the desires, preferences, or designs of another person or persons. The laws exist this way for a reason, and you can't expect us to change them simply to accommodate your wishes.
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accommodate oneself to something

to adapt oneself to something, such as someone else's needs or a new environment. Please try to accommodate yourself to our routine.
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accommodate someone with something

to provide something special for someone; to do something that provides for someone's needs or desires. We will try to accommodate you with an earlier flight.
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He charged Chief Akin Oke led state executive council which was returned elected through consensus, for another four years term, to continue to work for the unity and peace of the party and accommodate everybody.
Administrators added generic consult rooms to accommodate these growing trends, factoring in the possibility that some of these services may occur off-site in the future.
* Make certain elevators are sized to accommodate a stretcher and two to three attending staff.
Says Justin Harmon, director of University Communications for Wesleyan University (CT), "We accommodate students who are sight or hearing impaired; we know which facilities are best for them and place them accordingly.
It will accommodate a CCD camera of 0.41 megapixels and is likely be initially marketed at $100.
When USDA contracted Unisys to upgraded its PeopleSoft application to feature Web-based interface capabilities, it replaced its UNIX/RISC-based Hewlett-Packard HP9000 server with a Unisys ES7000 to accommodate future growth and to benefit from the server's mainframe-class performance and reliability.
A 10'x 12' model accommodates 8 to 12 people and installs in a day on a prepared foundation.
Because of the firm's familiarity with Port Authority requirements and procedures, and its expertise with airline and car rental facilities, GLA was hired to design the consolidated building to accommodate Budget, National and Dollar Rent-A-Car customer offices.
"There are a vast number of public and private organizations out there that are moving towards XML, but their projects are stalled by the need to accommodate authors who prefer a product that can integrate with the full functionality of Word.
The financing was used to complete a number of activities that will position the property for sale as a development parcel that can accommodate an approximately 190,000 s/f residential building.
"When searching for the right computing platform to handle the reporting functions of our schools, we wanted something with the built-in headroom needed to accommodate our needs five years down the line," said Paul Bewley, SAUSD director of Information Technology.
To accommodate these people whenever they do need to be at the office, the company had previously test-piloted the concept of "Hoteling" and found it to be a positive response to their restructured work processes.
The expansion accommodates a new demonstration room and additional employee space for InterAccess Corporation.
"By utilizing four architectural |step-backs' to conform with the severely tapering property lines, and then raising the entire structure on columns to permit required on-site parking underneath, we created a building shape that both accommodates and blends naturally into the site."
The building is zoned to accommodate the construction of a +/- 130,000 s/f 20-story apartment building.