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accommodate (someone's) wishes

To alter or tailor a situation so as to specifically cater to the desires, preferences, or designs of another person or persons. The laws exist this way for a reason, and you can't expect us to change them simply to accommodate your wishes.
See also: accommodate, wish

accommodate (oneself) to

To assimilate or adjust to a new environment or a different set of rules or expectations. The new student struggled to accommodate himself to the new school and often got in trouble as a result. If you're going to live with us, you need to accommodate yourself to our rules.
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accommodate (one) with

To fulfill one's needs, often with special consideration after something has gone awry. Thankfully, the hotel was able to accommodate us with a non-smoking room after all. I was told there were no rentals left, but once I mentioned my famous father, the clerk was suddenly able to accommodate me with a luxury car.
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accommodate oneself to something

to adapt oneself to something, such as someone else's needs or a new environment. Please try to accommodate yourself to our routine.
See also: accommodate

accommodate someone with something

to provide something special for someone; to do something that provides for someone's needs or desires. We will try to accommodate you with an earlier flight.
See also: accommodate
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In particular, we make sure that according to the specific space needs of each individual, the new office would be able to accommodate staff with the necessary adjacencies, or more precisely, according to the "work flow analysis.
In a last-ditch effort to derail the Woodridge project, opponents are pointing to a new study they say shows that school officials underestimated the amount of money it will take to accommodate additional students in a district already operating at more than 95 percent capacity.
Planning for sufficient flexibility to accommodate future growth and change.
The one-story, 38,000-square-foot building will have 15 classrooms, along with a separate kindergarten area and day care center, and it will be built to accommodate nine portable classrooms.
The 25,000-square-foot facility will increase manufacturing and production capacity, improve distribution processes and accommodate the additional staff required to support the company's fast-paced growth and customer acquisition.
Vonage has pioneered the broadband phone industry, and its growth is driving demand for a scalable network that can efficiently accommodate significant increases in calls," said Marc Randall, CEO and president of Force10 Networks.
We are pleased to be inaugurating this new facility that will enable us to accommodate our steady offshore growth," said President and Chief Executive Officer Raj Vattikuti.
The law also requires that the facility be "contiguous," or on a single site, or sites that are next to one another when there is not a single school site that can accommodate all of the charter school students.
As our data processing needs grow, we require a network that can both accommodate today's traffic and scale to support future increases without overly complicating our infrastructure," said Preston Carter, senior network engineer at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Climatic Data Center, the world's largest weather data archive.
Lucent's compact mini-DSLAM is designed for locations that cannot accommodate large equipment, such as condominiums and apartments and other areas where the larger ADSL equipment will not fit.
The system can also be joined together in several different configurations to accommodate the diverse array of activities that schools foster, from academics to arts to athletics.
The size of the play yard is a concern because it's not large enough to accommodate as many students as I would like for it to accommodate,'' said trustee Helen Acosta.
Keep in mind that sizing the cable distribution pathways properly is important to provide enough physical space to accommodate not only the cables installed initially, but those that will be added over the life cycle of the building," continued Schirmer.
The Mortgage Cadence Finale solution can also accommodate the traditional doc prep model.
But nearby Susana Knolls residents and the Simi Valley Police Department said that Oak Knolls Road was too small to accommodate residential traffic going out and emergency vehicles coming in during a disaster.