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"If we conserve reefs that contain coral species with these survival traits, then we're hedging our bets that we might be able to preserve those reefs for an extra decade or two, buying them enough time to acclimatize to climate change," explains Grottoli.
Undoubtedly, you should acclimatize for at least two or three days at 10,000 feet, then allow two days for every additional 3,280 feet.
At this altitude and above, humans can't fully acclimatize, no matter how long they stay.
Previous studies have shown that certain plants acclimatize to the higher concentrations of the gas: Within 3 years, their photosynthetic rates fall back to those of control plants.
He expressed hope that the players would switch on to the Test mode fast, and the three-day warm-up game scheduled to start in Colombo from Monday would help them to acclimatize to the hot and humid condition of the country.
In the short run, an individual, grasshopper can acclimatize somewhat to its environment.