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acclimate (someone or something) to

To help a person or thing to adjust to a new environment, role, etc. I've been spending a lot of time at home, acclimating our new puppy to life with our family. It's difficult to acclimate that type of plant to a colder climate. We initially had to focus on acclimating our adopted daughter to life in this country.
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acclimate someone (or an animal) to something

 and acclimatize someone or an animal to something
to cause a person or other living thing to become used to a different climate or environment. We will help acclimate Henry to the new building. We need to acclimatize the fish to the new aquarium.
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For instance, the percentage of time spent hiding was often greater than 80% but dropped to less than 60% in two particular larval batches when larvae were acclimated at 20[degrees]C and exposed to 10[degrees]C.
Counselors help new employees get acclimated, guide them on assignments and work with the new hires on their career goals.
Temperature acclimation has an opposite effect on the crayfish Orconectes immunis, with animals acclimated to warm water selecting cooler temperatures than those acclimated to cold water (Crawshaw, 1974).
are acclimated to two different temperatures for one day (67 generations) and then are allowed to cross-compete on the next day at both their own acclimation temperature and that of the other acclimation state ([ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED] for a schematic diagram of the experiment).
Given this dietary flexibility, we predicted that warblers acclimated to fruit-, insect-, and seed-based diets would exhibit retention times that increase in that rank order.
ABSTRACT Rates of particle clearance and oxygen consumption were measured over full natural ranges of seawater temperature (1[degrees]C to 30[degrees]C) experienced by the scallop Chlamys farreri cultured in Shandong Province, People's Republic of China, comparing both acclimated and non-acclimated responses.
The most effective approach for a successful performance in the Pike's Peak marathon is to spend some time at a moderate altitude getting acclimated.
Take the time to become acclimated to environmental stress
Acclimated lowlanders' had less and less oxygen saturation the higher up they lived.
Toxolasma texasensis acclimated to an artificial pondwater (PW) maintained a concentration of [SO.
I think that's a nice gesture to get you acclimated to the island.
A comparison between a cold-tolerant and a cola-sensitive cultivar of alfalfa acclimated to low temperature (2 [degrees] C) under environmentally controlled conditions showed the occurrence of marked changes in the population of transcripts in crowns (Castonguay et al.