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acclimate (someone/something) to

To help a person or thing to adjust to a new environment, role, etc. I've been spending a lot of time at home, acclimating our new puppy to life with our family. It's difficult to acclimate that type of plant to a colder climate. We initially had to focus on acclimating our adopted daughter to life in this country.
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acclimate someone (or an animal) to something

 and acclimatize someone or an animal to something
to cause a person or other living thing to become used to a different climate or environment. We will help acclimate Henry to the new building. We need to acclimatize the fish to the new aquarium.
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An ability to acclimate to temperature change has been widely reported (Schulte 1975, Widdows et al.
18 building challenges with clear, step-by-step instructions help acclimate users to the new system to create robots ranging from humanoids and machinery to animals and vehicles
Through five episodes, I was able to acclimate to the show's rhythms, and eventually so should viewers -- if, that is, they don't find it too awkward initially and tune out early.
cycling through 10 different frequencies, making it impossible for the deer to acclimate to the sound.
Reickgenannt admits she was homesick the first week she was in the United States and said she still misses her family, but she said the friendships she has made have helped her acclimate to her new environment.
Quest Software provides two user communities designed to support Quest solutions for MySQL, and help acclimate MySQL Network users to the platform.
The Pre-College Enrichment Program, a summer program for incoming UConn freshmen interested in the health professions that helps them acclimate to a college campus and strengthen their academic skills.
WWE 24/7 is the beginning of a reenergized effort to serve our partners by building incremental businesses that increase their revenues and acclimate their customers to exciting new digital and high-speed services.