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Alas," said Sancho, "what unexpected accidents happen at every step to those who live in this miserable world
I worked seventeen years in them mills, an' I've took notice that most of the accidents happens just before whistle-blow.
Summary: A device that will record the movement, speed and location of the car a minute before accidents happen will help reduce accidents and lower the number of injuries and deaths once it reaches the market next year.
Saif Al Wishahy, a private sector employee, said, Eoe1/4EoToo many accidents happen on the stretch.
Summary: More domestic accidents happen on a Monday as people recover from heavy weekends drinking or staying up late, according to new research.
Claims data for the last three years from Halifax Home Insurance suggest that a third more accidents happen on Monday morning than any other weekday, with many being blamed on hangovers.
Passer-by Rob Owen, 62, said: 'I'm not surprised that someone has been killed there because accidents happen quite frequently.
I'm shocked, but not surprised that someone has been killed there because accidents happen quite frequently,' he said.
Accidents happen because traffic queuing to get on to the A14 often backs on to the motorway.
As hard as we try to insulate ourselves and make our world as safe as possible, the unfortunate truth is that accidents happen.
Andrea Sinisi, marketing manager of Group Accident Products at CNA, said a surprising majority of accidents happen at home versus work.
Dubai The maximum number of traffic accidents happen over the weekends and holidays when more people are on the roads as families and friends go out to enjoy their time, according Dubai's top traffic prosecutor.
Eighty percent of accidents happen when people are not following (these rules), and 60 percent of those accidents happen to family members,'' Dykstra said.
We know a lot of the accidents happen around the home - in swimming pools and in car crashes.
I know accidents happen, but they should be more careful with children so young,'' said Victoria Liera, who may enroll her daughter at the school.