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Wolf-Parkinson and White Syndrome (WPW) is the most widespread type of pre-excitation syndrome which is associated with an accessory AV connection, called Kent Bundle.
Step 4: In patients with right free-wall accessory pathways, examine lead aVF.
developed an algorithm by analyzing R/S ratios in lead V1, V2 and aVF on ECGs of 142 patients with a single anterogradely conducting accessory pathway.
Instead, there was one index card-sized sign that featured the name of the collection and the price of each coordinating accessory.
The big difference at Bed Bath & Beyond was that the shower curtains and a host of other accessories were organized in a separate adjacent section that happened to be larger than the bath accessory section.
When an accessory was deemed necessary, 75 percent of the consumers polled said they would buy it (41 percent said they would pay up to 20 percent more than they expected); only 16 percent wouldn't buy it.
"Whether it's a cigarette lighter adapter for a cellular phone or a surge suppressor for a computer, each accessory makes that particular product more functional and easier to use," Griffin said.
"This maybe diminishes the perception that the customer has on the value of the product itself, while it really may not be the product at fault--it's just that the customer lacks the proper accessory to enhance its performance," Borinstein said.