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OICs accepted based on doubt as to collectibility when there has also been a determination that, although an amount greater than the amount offered could be collected, collection of more than the amount offered would create economic hardship.
They don't accept that candidates can, and increasing numbers will, behave exactly like employers when making employment decisions.
The white tester was told that the store did not normally accept out-of-state checks.
Normally, the IRS does not accept less than the tax due, unless the taxpayer can convince the Service that the offer is in the government's best interest.
Ronald 'Bato' Dela Rosa on Monday said he accepted gifts such as expensive Lacoste shirts during Christmas and lechon when he was chief of the PNP.
"Want Collaboration?: Accept and Actively Manage Conflict." Harvard Business Review; March 2005
Numerous "vehicle donation programs" will gladly accept most towable vehicles.
Penny Culliton accepts the award for Akira Isogawa.
On the seventh question: Abu Rayhan said: If you accept this as a given that the east of the heaven is the right, then the heaven ought to be all right and all left at the same time, because the east of each position is simultaneously the west of another; and it is inappropriate for one thing in one condition to be called by two names of opposite meaning.
The differences in the accept fraction should be taken into account when a new quality control system is developed.
(ENI)--The Church of England will be "increasingly isolated and anachronistic" unless it accepts women as bishops, a house of bishops working party which looked into the issue of women in the episcopate has concluded.
1271 may be implicated any time a creditor accepts less than full value for a debt or a portion thereof.
When a corporate tax manager accepts absolute responsibility for the actions of his or her department, he or she will find it necessary to organize the tax department in a manner that eliminates errors and ethical violations.
Judas' preoccupation with money reaches its nadir when he accepts thirty pieces of silver from the chief priests to betray Christ.
The program also accepts oil containers for recycling and includes institutional, industrial and commercial volumes, as well as those generated by the do-it-yourselfer.