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First-Generation Migrants More Accepting Than Native-Born
* Prospective committee members should research the company thoroughly before accepting an invitation to serve as a director.
Could ethical arguments of accepting gratuities be a matter of opinion, or are the acceptance of gratuities a community social act that should continue as a bridge between the community and the police?
Sherman, an evangelical Christian, says her study of "charitable choice" has led her to conclude that "religious groups accepting government funding are not having to sell their souls, and clients' civil liberties are being respected."
In accepting his child's death, King David shows that he has faith in a loving, merciful God.
They don't see the organization's reasons for layoffs as different from an individual's reasons for accepting a better deal elsewhere.
But the question was: Would any camp director consider accepting T.J.
People were generally more accepting of increased cost than they were of longer waits and reduced opportunities to choose their physicians.
While Caucasian persons with disabilities did not have particularly high levels of acceptance of their disabilities, they were found to be more positively accepting of their disabilities than black persons.
Lim said the party does not have a habit of accepting state awards, nor was it in line with DAP's spirit, as it gave the perception that its leaders were only 'gunning for awards'.
The IPL guidelines state that while token gifts can be accepted by a player, the individual needs to inform the IPL authorities if they are accepting something that is exorbitantly priced.
While the bank is adamantly against accepting charges of fraud, it might be willing to accept charges of negligence.
After accepting Islam Muhammad Ishtiaq said that he accepted Islam after being inspired from Islamic way of life.
Lesley Charlton, group scout leader, said the girls had settled in well and she was looking forward to accepting more female members.
The IRS has the authority to settle or compromise the federal liabilities by accepting less than full payment under certain circumstances," says William Coleman, a member of the National Association of Black Accountants and president of Coleman and Williams Ltd.