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accept (something) as gospel

To believe that something is absolutely true without any hesitation or reservations. When we're growing up, we accept what our parents tell us as gospel. The beloved professor's opinions on the subject are accepted as gospel by his students.
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accept a wooden nickel

To accept something that proves to be fraudulent or deceitful; to be swindled or conned. Primarily heard in US. I'm done accepting wooden nickels—capricious women who say they love me, then get bored and decide I'm not worth their time. My husband is a wonderful man, but he has about as much business sense as a grade-schooler. If I had let him accept all the wooden nickels offered flaky customers have tried to peddle on us, we'd have gone bankrupt years ago.
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accept a wooden nickel

be fooled or swindled. US
A wooden nickel is a worthless or counterfeit coin.
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The returning officers accepted 173 nomination papers for provincial assembly seats reserved for woman and rejected 488 nomination papers.
For four NA seats in East district, the ROs accepted the papers of 94 candidates and rejected the candidature of 23 aspirants.
Similarly, the nomination papers of 28 candidates including N league candidate Malik Abrar Ahmed, PTI's Amir Kiyani and Qasim Khan of PPP were accepted from NA-61.
From NA-60, the nomination forms of AML President Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, PML-N's Hanif Abbasi and MMA's Raza Ahmed Shah were accepted.
PML-N candidate Khawaja Tariq Nazeer had his nomination forms accepted for NA-245 Karachi.
Hospitality tickets to football matches, bottles of whiskey and a trip to New York were among some of the gifts accepted and declined by Wirral councillors over the past year
Twenty-six of another group of 30 residents have accepted financial compensation, a home at a relocation site on the outskirts of Phnom Penh, or both.
Some percentage of the population in every country says "it depends." But in some places, who these migrants are may factor more heavily into whether they are accepted. For example, in Russia, where the index score is among the lowest in the world, more than 40% of residents say "it depends" to each of the questions.
Responding to questions from reporters at the press conference, Erdoy-an said Turkey's EU accession process is still under way and that "it is not important whether it is accepted or not."
Speaking to MAIL TODAY , one of the officials said that despite the IPL guidelines allowing players to accept gifts, the Daredevils management felt that it was in the best interest of both the league and the individuals concerned that no gifts are accepted.
Among them, 123 attended and only 16 accepted the jobs offered to them.
The number of citizens who have been summoned by various recruitment centres was (330) job seekers to offer them employment opportunities, (146) of them showed up, (27) accepted the jobs offered to them and one job seeker accepted training opportunity and another job seeker accepted self-employment opportunity through 'Sanad' programme.
I read in a newspaper this week an article carrying this wise headline: "If only the Palestinians had accepted the partition resolution C* If only Nasser had accepted Israel's peace offer C* If only they had not formed the Palestinian Authority and government."
Many of the species accepted or described as new by Glassman (1999) are based on one or very few and generally incomplete herbarium collections, preventing an adequate evaluation of the natural variability of populations.