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accept (something) as

1. To take or recognize something as performing a certain function, such as being a form of payment. I accept your offer to fix my car as reimbursement for the money you owe me. Please accept these flowers as my apology.
2. To acknowledge something as existing in a certain state, such as being true. If he ever wants this situation resolved, he needs to accept Mary's story as the truth. You need to accept this as reality, and move on.
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accept (something) as gospel

To believe that something is absolutely true without any hesitation or reservations. When we're growing up, we accept what our parents tell us as gospel. The beloved professor's opinions on the subject are accepted as gospel by his students.
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accept someone as something

to consent to receive or consider someone as a particular type of person or a person who can serve a particular role. Sally finally accepted herself as the only possible peacemaker in the dispute.
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accept something as something

1. to agree that something will serve in payment of a debt or in return for something. This receipt shows that we have accepted your money as payment on your debt. This money has been accepted as reimbursement for the expenditure.
2. to resign [oneself] to something that cannot be changed. I must accept what you say as the final decision.
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I can accept that.

Inf. I accept your evaluation as valid. Bob: Now, you'll probably like doing the other job much better. It doesn't call for you to do the things you don't do well. Tom: I can accept that. Sue: On your evaluation this time, I noted that you need to work on telephone manners a little bit. Bill: I can accept that.
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I can't accept that.

Inf. I do not believe what you said.; I reject what you said. Sue: The mechanic says we need a whole new engine. John: What? I can't accept that! Tom: You're now going to work on the night shift. You don't seem to be able to get along with some of the people on the day shift. Bob: I can't accept that. It's them, not me.
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receive something from some place

to get and accept something from some place. I just received a letter from Budapest! Mary received a package from Japan.
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accept a wooden nickel

be fooled or swindled. US
A wooden nickel is a worthless or counterfeit coin.
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References in classic literature ?
It may not be amiss to remind the incredulous reader that a famous firm in the City accepted precisely the same security as that here accepted by Bulpit Brothers, with the same sublime indifference to troubling themselves by making any inquiry about it.
Coming up, therefore, to the squire, he said, "Though I have not the honour, sir, of being personally known to you, yet, as I find I have the happiness to have my proposals accepted, let me intercede, sir, in behalf of the young lady, that she may not be more solicited at this time.
Accepted offers are "pending" during the time any installment payment remains unpaid and during the five-year filing period.
BankBlackwell has received and accepted subscriptions for the minimum number of shares and must now complete the sale of those shares by July 28, 2006.
College prospects: Accepted by University of Southern California
On the 72nd day of NATO's air war against Yugoslavia, President Slobodan Milosevic on Thursday accepted an international peace plan to end the Kosovo conflict and allow nearly 1 million ethnic Albanian refugees to return to what is left of their homes.
PayPass is now accepted at stadiums across the country, including Busch Stadium, Citizens Bank Park, Dodger Stadium, Fenway Park, Great American Ballpark, Petco Park, Shea Stadium, Turner Field and Yankee Stadium - homes of the St.
If you can make a reasonable case about protecting your child, there is a possibility that your limits will be accepted, at least temporarily.
The total consideration for each $1,000 principal amount of the 2008 Notes tendered and accepted for purchase pursuant to the tender offer will be $1,045.
Other council members did not return calls for comment, but accepted the 9.
Traditional credit cards will continue to be accepted only for Internet and telephone transactions.
They need to teach the children that their parents are not elected democratic officials but responsible parents who can say ``no'' when it is needed and that what they say is not to be questioned but rather accepted.
1% of the Notes, were validly tendered for purchase and not withdrawn and Chartered has accepted these Notes (the "Accepted Notes") for purchase.
Councilman Nate Holden, for example, said he would definitely accept any raise that is offered, likening it to pay increases accepted by members of Congress.