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Satisfactory performance in output tests of all four targets will guarantee that, at least at the archival level, an acceptably accurate digital representation of image information has been created.
Finally, the substitute test assumes that if plaintiffs expert's forecast is acceptably "close" to the collective forecast, then the expert's forecast captures a possible future loss which is acceptably "close" to the courts' target.
The auditors then must compare those likely misstatement amounts with the tolerable misstatement amounts derived during audit planning to determine whether sampling risk is acceptably low for the account balance.
Mick Foy, group manager for MHRAs Vigilance and Risk Management of Medicines division said: The key aim of our work is to make sure medicines are effective and acceptably safe.
An MHRA spokesman said: "Our priority is to ensure that people are taking acceptably safe medicines.
Cats need to mark their territory and do so both by rubbing the scent glands on their cheeks against items or, less acceptably, by scratching them.
The firm said the rise is due to lack of investment of resource into ensuring redundancy practices are carried out acceptably.
However, the panel voted 8-1, with 9 abstentions, that the data had shown the drug was acceptably safe in treating this population.
And if coal fired power stations need carbon capture equipment to become acceptably "green", why don't wood furnaces?
Perhaps I should get one of them to have the awkward job of explaining it - acceptably, of course
Besides loudly stomping around and sneering on all cylinders, Richard De Vere displays his illusionist skills by torturing the pert Alison Crawford (Princess Jill) in an acceptably pre-watershed way.
through purple to coffee, champagne and mocha is now deemed acceptably different.
When "Andreas Bichlbauer" of the Yes Men went to a trade conference in Salzburg, Austria, and called for such absurdities as the abolition of all regional differences, he was speaking in a venue where corruptions of thought and language were not necessarily out of place, as in this Rumsfeldian nugget from a corporate mediator: "If you create what I call an indifference curve about language--if you can find more than one way to acceptably say the same thing--then if you cannot reach agreement on one set of words, one phrase, you can reach agreement on another, and effectively say the same thing and it will mean what the parties needed to mean.
Was the nursing home monitored acceptably by the NCSC?