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acceptable damage

Destruction or casualties that are considered reasonable because they happen in the context of a war or military attack. Many would argue that even one lost life should not be considered acceptable damage. The general considered the destruction of the tanks to be acceptable damage since his soldiers returned from the mission alive and uninjured.
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acceptable losses

Destruction or casualties that are considered reasonable because they happen in the context of a war or military attack. The general considered the destruction of the tanks to be acceptable losses since his soldiers returned from the mission alive and uninjured. Many would argue that any lost lives should not be considered acceptable losses
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the acceptable face of (something)

A presentation, manifestation, or aspect of something that is or tries to be acceptable or even attractive. They claim to be defenders of free speech, but they're just trying to be the acceptable face of racism, if you ask me. Their country, with its economic success and reputation for human rights, has become the acceptable face of communism.
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acceptable damage

 and acceptable losses
Euph. casualties or destruction inflicted by an enemy that is considered minor or tolerable. At present, the enemy's first-strike capability would produce acceptable damage. The general indicated that the fifty thousand casualties were within the range of acceptable losses.
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the acceptable face of something

The acceptable face of something is the part of it that people accept or like, even if they do not like the thing itself. She was the acceptable face of a modern monarchy. He was a successful businessman who showed the acceptable face of capitalism.

the acceptable face of

the tolerable or attractive manifestation or aspect of.
1996 New York Review of Books He presents himself as the acceptable face of gambling…the man who, almost single-handedly, has turned a huckster's paradise into a gangster-free zone.
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In view of these results, it can be stated that the LD, TB and SMD muscles of the lambs from Awassi and Red Karaman breeds included in the experiment have WBS and juiciness statuses close to the desired level, their tenderness, NCBS and flavour characteristics are at the middle level, but their acceptability characteristics is not at the preferred level.
An additional factor to consider when measuring treatment acceptability is that self-report questionnaires that asses explicit opinions are most commonly employed.
Table 5 shows the level of acceptability of the four parenting techniques included in the AARP for this sample of parents.
Thus, acceptability becomes a primary feature of any text, something that is reinforced by the fact that generations of translators have had to deal with the need for a translation product which complies with the expectation standards of target language readers, who presumably do not know the rules of the source-text language.
The table shows that the study results on female condom acceptability are highly variable and the reported acceptability rates range from 2% to 98%.
For each vignette, the participant read it out loud, was reminded by the experimenter of the items of information in the vignette, and then made an acceptability rating by putting a mark on the rating scale.
The survey questionnaire was constructed based on previous survey research on HIV vaccine acceptability among ethnic minority adults in Los Angeles (5) and formative qualitative research conducted with Black women from African and Caribbean communities that explored knowledge, attitudes and beliefs about HIV prevention and future HIV vaccines.
BRT used to manage GAD was then described followed by written instructions to complete the acceptability ratings questionnaire.
The acceptability of all the formulations was investigated both raw and mixed with local foods.
She claims that together with the aspectual constraints discussed above, the notion of responsibility plays a role in the acceptability of middles, and that "only those verbs whose objects are perceived as responsible for the action denoted by the verb may appear in middles" (Fagan 1992:100).
Attitudes toward EBPs have also been found to be associated with ratings of the effectiveness and acceptability of both pharmacological and psychosocial EBPs among SUD counselors (Abraham et al.
They did have higher acceptability scores than the hot sauce-only marinade and the control.
A Phase I Study on the Feasibility and Acceptability of an Acupuncture/Hypnosis Intervention for Chronic Pediatric Pain.
The Ottawa group have previously examined the acceptability of the Canadian C-spine rule to clinicians (Brehaut et al 2009).
UNAIDS has estimated global HIV vaccine uptake at only 19 percent among the 8 percent of 15-49-year-olds at high risk for HIV infection--due to challenges around availability, access, and acceptability (Esparza et al.