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acceptable damage

Destruction or casualties that are considered reasonable because they happen in the context of a war or military attack. Many would argue that even one lost life should not be considered acceptable damage. The general considered the destruction of the tanks to be acceptable damage since his soldiers returned from the mission alive and uninjured.
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acceptable losses

Destruction or casualties that are considered reasonable because they happen in the context of a war or military attack. The general considered the destruction of the tanks to be acceptable losses since his soldiers returned from the mission alive and uninjured. Many would argue that any lost lives should not be considered acceptable losses
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the acceptable face of (something)

A presentation, manifestation, or aspect of something that is or tries to be acceptable or even attractive. They claim to be defenders of free speech, but they're just trying to be the acceptable face of racism, if you ask me. Their country, with its economic success and reputation for human rights, has become the acceptable face of communism.
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acceptable damage

 and acceptable losses
Euph. casualties or destruction inflicted by an enemy that is considered minor or tolerable. At present, the enemy's first-strike capability would produce acceptable damage. The general indicated that the fifty thousand casualties were within the range of acceptable losses.
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the acceptable face of something

The acceptable face of something is the part of it that people accept or like, even if they do not like the thing itself. She was the acceptable face of a modern monarchy. He was a successful businessman who showed the acceptable face of capitalism.
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the acceptable face of

the tolerable or attractive manifestation or aspect of.
1996 New York Review of Books He presents himself as the acceptable face of gambling…the man who, almost single-handedly, has turned a huckster's paradise into a gangster-free zone.
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In all, these analyses estimated the relative acceptability of the incentive-based treatments to the standard treatments across contexts and effectiveness levels.
Part 3 measured the degree of acceptability of the LDCU revised vision and mission as well as the CAS objectives.
The most determinative characteristics in the TB muscle were found as 0.712 WBS, 0.671 juiciness, 0.567 NCBS, 0.538 tenderness, 0.492 flavour and 0.479 acceptability, respectively.
Let the council now lay out their plans clearly, show how they meet (or fail) the principles for a bus station and truly multi-modal transport hub, and subject them to the public acceptability test.
Parental acceptability of four specific parenting strategies was examined in study two.
In 1969, the last reference in an authoritative accounting standard to general acceptability as a basis for its authority appeared in APB Opinion 15.
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"When we included the ECAN Board, we are not looking into the social acceptability criteria in the acknowledgment of applications," Cabrestante stated.
After contextualising the study within a theoretical framework and describing the experiment design, this paper presents the results obtained for the acceptability indicator, as well as those drawn from a questionnaire designed specifically for this study in order to explore perceptions of acceptability amongst the participants.
Eligible papers were required to be, (1) retrievable, either as a full study or as an article in peer reviewed scientific journals; (2) based on empirical studies; (3) have a sound scientific methodology; (4) study female condom acceptability of the condom type with the inner ring; (5) deal with women in sub-Saharan Africa.
Based on those findings our second prediction is that French peoples' views on executive compensation acceptability can be segmented in groups.
Acceptability ratings on the HgLMS range from -100 to +100.
An ING economist has suggested measures that could be used to enhance the acceptability of the bitcoin.
The authors comment that the negative feedback "may mean that the program exposed youth to things they have not done themselves or were uncomfortable thinking about" and did not necessarily suggest poor acceptability.
(3-5) An important means of addressing anticipated gaps between clinical trial efficacy and effectiveness in the real world is to assess factors associated with the acceptability of hypothetical HIV vaccines among most-at-risk populations--before products are publicly available.