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accede to (something)

1. To agree to a set of terms, conditions, or demands. The government will not accede to the terrorist's demands. Congress was forced to accede to pressure from the public and abandon its proposal to increase taxes. I'm pleased that Richard didn't accede to pressure from the board and instead picked the candidate for CEO that he liked best.
2. To begin serving in a position of authority or in an official capacity. Come January, he will accede to the office of governor. Yes, at this point, I have been elected to the senate. I will accede to that position once I am sworn in next year. He hasn't formally acceded to the position of Chief of Surgery just yet—he's still the interim Chief for now.
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accede to something

1. to agree to the terms or demands that someone has stated. We cannot accede to your demands.
2. to assume a position of power or authority; to begin serving in one's official capacity. She acceded to the office of mayor in January.
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After that, not a week passed without sick people coming, riding or on foot, to Father Sergius; and having acceded to one petition he could not refuse others, and he laid his hands on many and prayed.
She acceded to the suggestion of bouillon, which was grateful and acceptable.
The king's request had undoubtedly been acceded to by an affirmative sign, for in firm, sonorous accents, which vibrated in the depths of Athos's heart, the king began his speech, explaining his conduct and counseling the welfare of the kingdom.
Astor's risk, and for his account; but the proposition was not acceded to.
But the moment the Spanish minister makes a demand, it is acceded to at once, whether it be just or not.
It was not until he became convinced of the hopelessness of his love affair that he acceded to our wishes and went back to his father.
This was not acceded to without some difficulty, but in the end they told him to do what he would, and go away from them in heaven's name.
Tulliver, still confident that he should gain his suit, and finding it eminently inconvenient to raise the said sum until that desirable issue had taken place, had rashly acceded to the demand that he should give a bill of sale on his household furniture and some other effects, as security in lieu of the bond.
I begged him to do me the favour of presiding; and my request being seconded by the other boys who were in that room, he acceded to it, and sat upon my pillow, handing round the viands - with perfect fairness, I must say - and dispensing the currant wine in a little glass without a foot, which was his own property.
Is this the India we acceded to?' Mufti tweeted on her arrest.
Government has not acceded to the request by South East South Sub-district Council to change its name to GaMalete sub district council.
Malaysia had on March 4 acceded to the Rome Statute, but Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad on April 5 announced that the government was forced to withdraw its accession due to political pressure from opponents who spread unnecessary fear and confusion in public.
But after the US decision on Jerusalem, we decided to gradually accede to these organizations, and indeed we acceded to the Universal Postal Union."
Nawab Jahangir Khanji emphasized that Junagadh was first among princely states which acceded to Pakistan following the withdrawal of colonial powers from the subcontinent.