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accede to pressure

To bow down or yield to pressure from an outside force, especially as regards a political, business, or military action or decision. Congress was forced to accede to pressure from the public and abandon its proposal to increase taxes.
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accede to

1. To agree to a set of terms, conditions, or demands. The government will not accede to the terrorist's demands.
2. To begin serving in a position of authority or in an official capacity. Come January, he will accede to the office of governor.
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accede to something

1. to agree to the terms or demands that someone has stated. We cannot accede to your demands.
2. to assume a position of power or authority; to begin serving in one's official capacity. She acceded to the office of mayor in January.
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This contract, passed as a central market, aims for regular delivery of office supplies for, paper and printing supplies (3 lots) at UCL and other contracting authorities acceded to the central markets.
China and India acceded to it in 2003; Japan, Pakistan, India and Russia in 2004; and New Zealand earlier this year.
Of the eight countries that have ratified or acceded to the Cape Town Treaty to date, airlines in four of these countries -- Ethiopia, Pakistan, Panama and Oman -- have benefited from Ex-Im Bank's reduced exposure fee following their countries' ratification of the treaty.
On Wednesday, China formally acceded to the TAC, which binds the contracting parties to renounce the threat or use of force and prescribes a process for the peaceful settlement of disputes.
THIS regal memory for Jubilee bank holiday shows the 6th Countess of Sefton and her two sons, captured at the coronation of King George V, who acceded to the throne in 1910.
Anniversaries: 1422: Henry VI acceded the throne when nine-months-old after death of Henry V; 1688: Death of author John Bunyan; 1888: First victim of Jack the Ripper found in Whitechapel, London; 1983: South Korean airliner shot down by the USSR with 269 deaths; 1968: West Indian all-rounder Gary Sobers made cricket history becoming the first batsman to hit six sixes in one over achieving the feat off Malcolm Nash playing for Nottinghamshire v Glamorgan at St Helens Ground, Swansea; 1969: American boxer Rocky Marciano killed in an air crash; 1986: Death of sculptor Henry Moore; 1997: Diana, Princess of Wales, killed in a car crash in Paris.
New York Life, and two other foreign insurers, received approval on December 11, 2001, the day China acceded to the WTO.
Delivery of desktops, notebooks, workstations, tablets, printers, multifunction devices, office software, accessories and related services to child and family or acceded setting.
ASEAN also agreed to the participation of China, Japan, South Korea, India, New Zealand and possibly Australia, once it has acceded to the group's non-aggression pact known as the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation.
Hopkins entered into escrow on the property last March with the intention of building a mixed-use development, but acceded to the wishes of Carson officials to consider selling about 80 acres to the NFL if it wants to build a stadium near the intersection of the 110 and 405 freeways.
This enchanting production has enthralled audiences from around the world since 1952, the same year Queen Elizabeth II acceded the British throne.
Delivery of desktops, notebooks, printers, MFPs, scanners, office software, accessories and related services to child and family or acceded setting.
New Zealand and Mongolia on Thursday formally acceded to a friendship pact with Southeast Asian nations, while Australia signed a declaration of intent to join the treaty in time for it to participate in next December's inaugural East Asian Summit.
And always, there's the grim constant refrain of men who acceded to evil: ``I was only doing my job.
Grabowski also spent seventeen years with Doubleday Book Clubs, a $250-million book club operation - he started his career at Doubleday, after receiving a Bachelors of Arts degree in Economics and an MBA from Rutgers University, as a financial analyst and acceded to the position of Division president of Doubleday Book Clubs, the largest book club operation in the English-speaking world.