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accede to

1. To agree to a set of terms, conditions, or demands. The government will not accede to the terrorist's demands.
2. To begin serving in a position of authority or in an official capacity. Come January, he will accede to the office of governor.
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accede to pressure

To bow down or yield to pressure from an outside force, especially as regards a political, business, or military action or decision. Congress was forced to accede to pressure from the public and abandon its proposal to increase taxes.
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accede to something

1. to agree to the terms or demands that someone has stated. We cannot accede to your demands.
2. to assume a position of power or authority; to begin serving in one's official capacity. She acceded to the office of mayor in January.
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Similarly, Nehru & Patel tried hard to prevent the states from opting to accede to Pakistan.
At the general discussion of the United Nations Disarmament Commission (UNDC), Egyptian Ambassador to the UN, Moataz Ahmadein Khalil, denounced on behalf of the Arab Group the Israeli refusal to accede to the Treaty.
The ACCEDE Phase III trial of AS1413 ACCEDE was a single pivotal, randomised, controlled trial in which a regimen of AS1413 and cytarabine was compared with standard AML remission-induction therapy of daunorubicin and cytarabine ('7+3') in patients with secondary AML (AML following MDS or chemotherapy/radiotherapy treatment of another cancer).
ASEAN foreign ministers are to adopt new guidelines for accession to the treaty during their meeting in Thailand, including a plan to introduce a ''flexible moratorium'' on partners that wish to join, fearing that letting more countries accede to the treaty might slow down the decision process.
Foreign ministers of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations on Thursday welcomed France's willingness to accede to ASEAN's nonaggression pact known as the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation.
Sovereignty is no longer a sanctuary." In other words, countries that don't accede will be embroiled in armed conflict.
The bank's statement comes after the accession to the treaty by Malaysia, as Malaysia became the required eighth country to ratify or accede to the treaty and the related aircraft protocol.
People who wish to honour an individual often set aside personal preferences to accede to the family's desires.
As one of the 40 designers/researchers included in the book, Rachel Strickland, writes, "As designers operating in corporate culture, we are bound in our education and practice to accede to the tenets of capitalism.
Soon after they accede to the European Union (EU) in 2004, the new member states will have to consider their timetables for joining Economic and Monetary Union (EMU).
The AMSA has published warnings to trainees about the practice and has gone so far as to advise trainees (both medical students and residents) not to accede to a demand by medical educators to submit on record to psychiatric intervention.
Under the current law, if a WLAN network is deemed to be a "telecommunications circuit," JR would have been under much more obligation to accede to the request, and MIS could have appealed to the ministry for arbitration if JR did refuse.
"If we were to accede this pay claim, the economic consequences would be dire," he said.
Even the Van Lancker report admits that "reproductive health remains merely within the competence of member states." However, Parliament's approval of this report signals that there is increasing pressure, endorsed by most EU states and spearheaded by Nordic countries, to accede to their social agenda.
Bidwell," shouts an outraged protocol officer, "that Lee Iacocca will not accede to the wishes of the President of the United States?"