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the groves of academe

Institutions of higher learning, such as colleges and universities, or higher learning in general. I've spent my whole career in the groves of academe, so transitioning to the corporate sector will be difficult.
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groves of Academe

the academic community. literary
This phrase alludes to the Roman poet Horace's Epistles, in which he says: Atque inter silvas Academi quaerere verum ‘and seek for truth in the groves of Academe’. The Academia was a grove near ancient Athens where a number of philosophers, Plato among them, taught their pupils.
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groves of academe

An institution of higher education (college or university), or those associated with it. This term refers to an actual place in ancient Greece, the Grove of Academus, an olive grove outside Athens presented by the Spartans to the Athenian hero Achilles, who had helped to rescue Helen. About 387 b.c. Plato had a house and garden adjoining this place, where he would meet with his students, and his school of philosophy came to be called, after it, Academia. Years later, the Roman poet Horace referred to it (Epistles, 20 b.c.): “To seek for truth in the groves of Academe”; and John Milton also referred to it in Paradise Regained (1671). Today the term is often used ironically, as by Mary McCarthy, who made it the title of her satirical novel The Groves of Academe (1953).
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The academe itself even gets benefits from having PhD-trained scientists that work outside of the academe.
"But we should build this knowledge in tandem with government agencies, academe and industry because this is a new industry and there are not too many universities that have data science engineering as part of their curriculum," he concluded.
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It makes the pre-condition of higher education decision- making "cost reduction" rather than "academic excellence." The belief is that lowering the cost of administering academe allows for either more accountability to the sources of educational funding or less concern about the diminishing resources afforded to higher education.
The eight Latinas involved in the conversations discussed here concluded that entry into academe was similarly influenced and complicated not only by their gender and ethnicity, but also by their class, language use, and appearance.
The success of any technocratic endeavor depends upon the depth of the questions asked and the courage of the answers; the Rodgers Commission and those within government, industry, and academe who redesigned the SRBs asked and answered well.
Then other women tell their stories of a tenured Latina professor, three African American junior faculty, the culture of racism in higher education, two sisters navigating identity and discourse at public and private White institutions, and challenges and opportunities of critical cultural feminist leadership in academe. The anthology is not indexed.
AUSPICIOUS beginnings are also being sought in the world of academe, where more students from afar are bidding to enrol in the region's universities.
The Mohammed Bin Rashid Program for Leadership Development (MBRPLD), an innovative leadership program aimed at developing national leaders who are willing and able to promote the sustainable development of the UAE, has announced that it has recently conducted a series of meetings with top executives from the academe, business and governmental institutions in the USA.
According to the four rankings of China's universities conducted in 2007 by Guangdong Managing Science Academe, On-line College, China Universities Alumnus Association and Center for Science Evaluating of China.
Meehan, who's leaving the politics of Congress for those of academe, cannot use his huge $5.1 million campaign war chest for personal use.
As Asian American Studies and Ethnic Studies began to take their place in the academe in the fall of 1969, additional Chinese American historical societies, museums, and organizations began to emerge throughout the country.
This special issue on innovation contains six selected papers from industry and six from academe. In his introduction, Delft University of Technology professor A.J.
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Gordon's otherwise cogent chapter on "The Career Challenge," underestimates the demand in academe for those who can relate music to literature, film and other branches of the humanities.