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the groves of academe

Institutions of higher learning, such as colleges and universities, or higher learning in general. I've spent my whole career in the groves of academe, so transitioning to the corporate sector will be difficult.
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groves of Academe

the academic community. literary
This phrase alludes to the Roman poet Horace's Epistles, in which he says: Atque inter silvas Academi quaerere verum ‘and seek for truth in the groves of Academe’. The Academia was a grove near ancient Athens where a number of philosophers, Plato among them, taught their pupils.
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Specifically, the way in which recent neoliberal austerity measures in higher education intensifies and affects the emotional condition of academe.
The eight Latinas involved in the conversations discussed here concluded that entry into academe was similarly influenced and complicated not only by their gender and ethnicity, but also by their class, language use, and appearance.
The success of any technocratic endeavor depends upon the depth of the questions asked and the courage of the answers; the Rodgers Commission and those within government, industry, and academe who redesigned the SRBs asked and answered well.
In a gathering hosted by the University of Washington, experts from the academe led the Young Leaders Program participants in an in-depth discussion on the development opportunities as well as potential hindrances in a number of key economic sectors such as aviation, real estate, tourism, and research & development.
And, instead of only community organizations interested in researching their own history, we now have Asian American Studies and Ethnic Studies in the academe acknowledging and researching Chinese American history, hence the union of CHSA and the Asian American Studies Department at San Francisco State University as lead cosponsors of the conference.
This special issue on innovation contains six selected papers from industry and six from academe.
Gordon's otherwise cogent chapter on "The Career Challenge," underestimates the demand in academe for those who can relate music to literature, film and other branches of the humanities.
Essentially then, faculty associations in academe must be vigilant in their analyses of pay inequities particularly how they impact on pensions and other financial effects.
When I first left academe and entered the business world, I was an intellectual optimist.
With Samuel Huntington's "clash of civilizations" raging away ever more apocalyptically, it's no surprise that religion in general and Islam in particular have been coming under hostile scrutiny of late, if not in academe, at least in the media and the blogosphere.
Today's dance historians, especially those who spend time in academe, tend to isolate the art from the environment--from the world in which it developed.
When professors at the pinnacle of academe pursue a political agenda at the expense of pedagogy, we all suffer the consequences.
Registration for Smart Coatings 2005 costs $800 for industry members, $400 for academe members and $150 for students.
and their colleagues from the NIEHS, academe, and many companies have highlighted emerging techniques, practical laboratory planning, and explicit biostatistical and bioinformatic interpretations.
In the years following World War II, there were collegial relationships between researchers in government laboratories and scientists in academe and industry.