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abut (up) against

To lean or press onto something else. Thanks to all that flooding, the old shed now abuts against the house. That tree is abutting up against your roof—you need to have someone come and take it down.
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abut on

To adjoin or meet at an edge or boundary. He is finding it difficult to sell his house since his property abuts on a cemetery.
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abut on something

[particularly of the edge of an area of land] to meet or touch something along one boundary or at one point. Our land abuts on the shopping center's parking lot.
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abut (up) against something

to rest firmly against something solid. The end of the board abutted against the foundation.
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Unlike the plaintiff in Montalbano, who did not argue that Callanan failed to maintain the sidewalk flag abutting his property in a reasonably safe condition, plaintiff here argues that West River failed to comply with its own statutory duty to maintain the sidewalk abutting its premises in a reasonably safe condition, and that such failure was a proximate cause of his injury.
My interpretation, therefore, was that the word "lowest" was only applicable if there were two abutting buildings, both taller than the width of the street.
The data presentation is followed by data analyses, including a full-sample Portland home price model, a full-sample Seattle home price model, Seattle high-priced and typically priced subsample price models, and a discussion of price appreciation rates by abutting and non-abutting homes in each market.
The court declined to interpret the statute to find all abutting landowners are entitled to a share of the vacated right-of-way.
But there are other locations in the city where physical impediments, such as walls and steep embankments, also impede easy access to the abutting sidewalk.
Abutting transmission line is the factor of interest and is present at 300 observations, as shown in Table 1 (412 observations do not abut an HVTL).
Under their proposal, property owners who have sidewalks abutting their rear-lot lines would be eligible to apply for the hardship exemption to the snow-removal ordinance.
The viewer observed all this from a small balcony abutting the entrance door and cantilevered just above the water.
In the final analysis, any particular category of property owners who are forgiven from the obligation to remove snow from their abutting sidewalk, transfers that obligation to the city," he added.
31-75 37th Street is a 2,250 s/f garage building situated on two abutting tax lots totaling approximately 5,000 s/f.
Neither rebus nor narrative, Lapthisophon's walls presented streams of dualities, speculations raised and dismissed, information abutting its own rebuttal.