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abut (up) against

To lean or press onto something else. Thanks to all that flooding, the old shed now abuts against the house. That tree is abutting up against your roof—you need to have someone come and take it down.
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abut on

To adjoin or meet at an edge or boundary. He is finding it difficult to sell his house since his property abuts on a cemetery.
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abut on something

[particularly of the edge of an area of land] to meet or touch something along one boundary or at one point. Our land abuts on the shopping center's parking lot.
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abut (up) against something

to rest firmly against something solid. The end of the board abutted against the foundation.
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There was initially a dispute concerning whether the sidewalk flag abutted the property of defendant Owners Corp.
Such is the case with more recent compositions wherein angular shapes push one another around within the frame, amoebic forms vie for elbow room, and abutted and interlocking blocks of color compete in a push-pull that subverts the spatial dominance and fixity of each.
Additional peaks are observed due to magnetic fluctuations at the ends of the devices, which are more strongly pinned by abutted permanent-magnet thin films.
A team of geologists suggests that pieces of the earlier Appalachians exist in southern South America and perhaps Antarctica -- leftovers from a time 500 million years ago when the three continents may have abutted one another.
"In summary, the Meadow Lane properties abutted both Meadow Lane and Pleasant Street as Pleasant Street existed prior to 1959," Mr.
Kelly Company, LLC (Kelly) owned a parcel of land that abutted an undeveloped right-of-way.
The lesion had eroded the confines of the bony canal and abutted on the temporomandibular joint capsule.