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abut (up) against

To lean or press onto something else. Thanks to all that flooding, the old shed now abuts against the house. That tree is abutting up against your roof—you need to have someone come and take it down.
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abut on

To adjoin or meet at an edge or boundary. He is finding it difficult to sell his house since his property abuts on a cemetery.
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abut on something

[particularly of the edge of an area of land] to meet or touch something along one boundary or at one point. Our land abuts on the shopping center's parking lot.
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abut (up) against something

to rest firmly against something solid. The end of the board abutted against the foundation.
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A bulky, twin-towered 270 foot building lies just to the north on parcel 17 and abuts the commercial core.
The property also abuts a recently approved golf residential community that will feature estate homes and a championship golf course.
The TN-4 RSA abuts Knoxville, TN and expands the Company's Kentucky Cluster area to 1.
Although the Hart district continues to wait for necessary approvals from the state Department of Toxic Substances Control to build a high school on the site - which includes two abandoned oil wells and abuts a munitions testing facility - Superintendent Bob Lee has assured city officials his district remains committed to building Golden Valley High School.
The property abuts one of the most successful outlet malls in New England (stores include Eddie Bauer, G.
Gold Deposits of the World, by Emmons (1937) refers to Lluvia de Oro, a former producer of high grade gold and silver ores occurring in silica replacement lenses in fractured and faulted limestones overlying an intrusive diabase, which abuts Don David to the west.
When the hotel opened and the wave mechanism was activated, officials quickly discovered that any substantial breaker would crash over the far end of the pool and swamp the sandy beach that abuts the pool.
Wellington Road, on which Victoria Place abuts, connects the downtown core of the City with Highway 401.
Councilwoman Cindy Miscikowski, whose district abuts the Galleria, agreed with Bernson.
The permit abuts the Ukraine border and lies approximately 40 km NW of the Ukraine Beregovo deposit.
The land, north of Placerita Canyon Road and southeast of the Antelope Valley Freeway, abuts the Angeles National Forest and is characterized by acres of coastal sage brush, the gnatcatcher's habitat.
Adjoining the company's property, Kennecott has drilled out a significant resource on their Gemfield property which abuts the company's property, and on which the company has a first right of refusal.
The preserve abuts a mountain wilderness where California condors soar.
Various proposals for the parcel, which abuts Ladyface Mountain and sustains a section of Lindero Canyon Creek, have raised concerns among environmental agencies.