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abut (up) against

To lean or press onto something else. Thanks to all that flooding, the old shed now abuts against the house. That tree is abutting up against your roof—you need to have someone come and take it down.
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abut on

To adjoin or meet at an edge or boundary. He is finding it difficult to sell his house since his property abuts on a cemetery.
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abut on something

[particularly of the edge of an area of land] to meet or touch something along one boundary or at one point. Our land abuts on the shopping center's parking lot.
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abut (up) against something

to rest firmly against something solid. The end of the board abutted against the foundation.
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References in classic literature ?
The plain, which abuts against the Sierra, is traversed by some curious gullies, of which one was about twenty feet wide, and at least thirty deep; we were obliged in consequence to make a considerable circuit before we could find a pass.
They are antithetical to one another, these roads; they directly abut on one another:--and it is here, at this gateway, that they come together.
As shown in Table 8, the data do not support the idea that price effects are greater or more significant when a home abuts a higher-voltage HVTL.
Eddy, who came up with the substitute amendment, said less than a dozen sidewalks would be exempted under the latest proposal, including some on Grove Street (Route 122A), those along Pleasant Street (Route 122) that abut the rear properties of some homes on Meadow Lane, and a house on Conger Road, which also abuts Pleasant Street.
The dependent viscera sign is said to be present on the right side if the upper one-third of the liver abuts the posterior ribs (Fig.
The Sheffield, whose owners have renamed the building Sheffield57 since its conversion, abuts the Sir Norman Foster designed Hearst Tower on its western side.
The city of Los Angeles dumps almost all of its trash in Sunshine Canyon in Granada Hills - thanks, in no small part, to the supervisors, who, along with the Los Angeles City Council, have continually conspired to open, close and re-open this public-health monstrosity that abuts a residential neighborhood and elementary school.
Biomorphic thought bubbles embrace the tricolored script, and a right-angle triangle decorated with a checkerboard of yellow, red, and green abuts the sculpture.
Paul's Anglican church, a church that abuts the property, is a co-owner and congregation separate from General Synod.
Regan, whose four-acre property abuts the orchard and who acts as spokesperson for the group, says he hopes the city will preserve the apple orchard.
To come up with that mailing list, pipelines have to use the most recent county or city tax records and send notification to people whose property is directly affected, abuts the facility site, including the compressors, is within the area of new storage fields, or abuts the existing right-of-way.
Each of these latter houses a communal space and axially abuts the base one of the Roberts hostels.
The block is located about 100 kilometers (62 miles) west-northwest of the city of Douala and abuts the Cameroon/Nigeria border.
Because this was an issue of first impression in South Dakota, the court reviewed cases from other jurisdictions and formulated the rule that a landowner's compensation for loss of access may arise when (1) a property abuts a proposed controlled-access highway, (2) the state takes a portion of the property in a condemnation proceeding for the highway, (5) the state mitigates some compensable element of damage based on the state's designation of a feature of the project, (4) the state subsequently eliminates that feature, and (5) the landowner can prove special damages.