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abuse of distress

The wrongful or unlawful use or sale of property that has been seized in order to force payment or the performance of some contractual obligation (known in law as the process of distress or distrain). It was a clear case of abuse of distress: the landlord, without a court order, changed the locks on the door and then seized and sold the tenants' belongings only an hour after serving them a notice of eviction.
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abuse of privileges

The wrongful or unlawful misuse of power in one's duties, either at the expense of others or to the advantage of the abuser. The governor displayed a flagrant abuse of privileges, channeling state funds toward a project owned by her son-in-law at the expense of more worthwhile causes. The moderator was deemed to have committed an abuse of privileges, deleting comments that opposed his own.
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be wide open to (something)

To be a likely target of anger, criticism, or judgment. You will be wide open to discipline if you keep coming into work late. Because I'm an artist and all of my siblings are doctors, I'm always wide open to criticism at family functions.
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abuse oneself

To masturbate.
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Reviews of recent research study on the parenting characteristics of women who were sexually abused as children explored the intergenerational transmission of abuse (cycle of abuse) and found that childhood sexual abuse survivors were more likely to use harsh physical discipline, to be more permissive as parents and have greater difficulties in establishing clear generational boundaries with their children (Dilillo and Damashek, 2003).
At the doctor's office, Tiffany reported that her father had sexually abused her, according to court records.
Just how harmful are the most abused prescription drugs?
7 times more likely to be abused than children without disabilities.
Insofar as inhalant abuse is an international public health concern, epidemiological research should examine regional and cultural differences in the pattern of use and substances abused among various populations.
They conclude there is no intervention proven to reduce the risk of abuse or neglect when children who have been abused remain in the home.
It counted 4,268 people who have claimed publicly or in lawsuits to have been abused by priests.
Narcotic drugs are among those substances used illegally, or abused, by adolescents.
Regardless of opinion, the fact remains, children continue to be neglected by their parents, sexually abused by family members and others, exploited, beaten, bullied, and emotionally abused in shocking numbers.
Used medicinally as an anesthetic, it is also widely abused as a drug.
Emotionally abused children are not as likely to be reported and do not receive the psychological services necessary for emotional healing and growth.
Miller urges people who have been abused to reach out for counseling.
Mitchell says she left home because her abused her mentally and physically and used drugs.
However, I'm seeing hoards of people who are being abused, not merely reprimanded or criticized.
She claims to have been physically and psychologically abused, raped repeatedly (both by adult men and by women using such objects as branches and crucifixes), and forced to consume flesh and blood from human sacrifices.