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abstract (something) from (something or some place)

1. To take something without permission. Despite all of the company's security measures, hackers abstracted classified information from the server. The crook abstracted the tip jar from the coffee shop when the cashier wasn't looking. Look at the security footage—someone abstracted the packages from the front porch!
2. To extract key information from a longer document or text. I had to abstract all of the relevant information from that lengthy report and then present it to management. Just follow the highlighting—I already abstracted the most important information from the chapter. The first step is to abstract the most salient information from the article.
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abstract away

1. To eliminate, omit, or disregard the details of something in order to generalize or simplify it at a conceptual level. A noun or pronoun can be used between "abstract" and "away." Remember that you will be delivering the results of your work to members of the public, so try to abstract away the more complicated aspects of the scientific theory. The agency abstracted the more sensitive details of the incident away, leaving a heavily redacted report that only revealed what happened in broad strokes. This report makes no sense to me. I think they tried to make it readable for laypeople by abstracting away the legalese, but I still have no idea what they're talking about.
2. In computer science, to hide, obscure, or mask the details of some process in order to simplify its functionality for the sake of usability. A noun or pronoun can be used between "abstract" and "away." Even simple actions on the computer create incredibly complicated processes in the software, but programmers have abstracted away the more nitty-gritty details in order to keep the average user from getting overwhelmed. All of this makes sense to you because you work in IT, but you need to abstract away the more granular details so that they don't confuse the average employee. How about this? I'll write up instructions for you, and I'll abstract anything unessential out.
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abstract idea

An idea or thought that is intangible or outside the constraints or possibilities of the real world. Some regard love as but an abstract idea, as it is impossible to define what makes love real. I'm still only hearing abstract ideas, though. Doesn't anyone have a practical, common-sense solution to offer? Things like depression and anxiety are just abstract ideas to people who have not had to deal with them themselves.
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in the abstract

In a manner that is intangible or outside the constraints or possibilities of the real world. Love is something that exists in the abstract—it's very hard to define what makes love real.
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abstract something from someone or something

to steal something from someone or something. (Formal.) The officer was found guilty of abstracting a rather large amount of money from the company.
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abstract something from something

to take the important information from a longer document; to extract the essentials or the gist from a piece of complicated writing. Can you abstract a shorter article from this material?
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in the abstract

In a way that is conceptual or theoretical, as opposed to actual or empirical.
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For clinical practice abstracts, the following sections are required: Purpose, Review of Literature, Summary (of the innovation or practice), and implications for Registered Nurses or Advanced Practice Registered Nurses.
All abstracts must be submitted electronically in alignment with the guidelines provided.
* Abstract text should be subdivided into: Introduction, Methods, Results and Conclusions.
At the 2008 EULAR Annual Scientific Meeting, a total of 1,732 abstracts were presented, of which 270 were oral and 1,462 were poster presentations.
With regard to "Abstracts" invited from the medical professionals, they said these should relate to Clinical and scientific research work oriented in the field of Endocrinology.
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Abstracts of academic writing are considered essential in any research journal publication.
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