abstract (something) from

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abstract (something) from

1. To take something without permission. Despite all of the company's security measures, hackers abstracted classified information from the server.
2. To extract key information from a longer document or text. I had to abstract all of the relevant information from that lengthy report and then present it to management.
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abstract something from someone or something

to steal something from someone or something. (Formal.) The officer was found guilty of abstracting a rather large amount of money from the company.
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abstract something from something

to take the important information from a longer document; to extract the essentials or the gist from a piece of complicated writing. Can you abstract a shorter article from this material?
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According to statistical data, 741 million m3 of water was abstracted from surface waters and 190 million m3 from groundwater in Slovenia in 2017.
In 2017, 5.0% more water was abstracted in Slovenia than in 2016; 4.7% more water was abstracted from groundwater and 5.0% more from surface waters.
In 2017, 762 million m3 of water in Slovenia was abstracted from own sources.
Joanne Chappell, president of Editions Limited and Drybrush Graphics, a division of the company devoted to creating fine-art prints, agrees, adding that "most collectors will only accept landscape pieces that are abstracted from the norm, whether it is by geometric forms or color choice."
The first type utilizes the ICD-9 codes to make a statement regarding severity, while the second type uses clinical data abstracted from the patient chart.