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abstract idea

An idea or thought that is intangible or outside the constraints or possibilities of the real world. Some regard love as but an abstract idea, as it is impossible to define what makes love real.
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abstract (something) from

1. To take something without permission. Despite all of the company's security measures, hackers abstracted classified information from the server.
2. To extract key information from a longer document or text. I had to abstract all of the relevant information from that lengthy report and then present it to management.
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abstract something from someone or something

to steal something from someone or something. (Formal.) The officer was found guilty of abstracting a rather large amount of money from the company.
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abstract something from something

to take the important information from a longer document; to extract the essentials or the gist from a piece of complicated writing. Can you abstract a shorter article from this material?
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in the abstract

In a way that is conceptual or theoretical, as opposed to actual or empirical.
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References in classic literature ?
On the green in the middle they practised at nets in the summer, but during the rest of the year it was quiet: boys used to wander round sometimes arm in arm, or a studious fellow with abstracted gaze walked slowly, repeating to himself something he had to learn by heart.
Conway spoke of this agreement, I met him one day, walking slowly down Montgomery street, apparently, from his abstracted air, in deep thought.
They added to the formal decision a statement, that there had been no evidence to show how the keys had been abstracted, how the fire had been caused, or what the purpose was for which the deceased had entered the vestry.
Mary Heilmann's abstracted landscapes in high-gloss housepaint colors suggest another strong affinity.
Regulations dictate that all cancer cases must be abstracted to the registry within six months of diagnosis.
I abstracted an old car (see photo above, lower left) by moving in on it from an oblique angle, showing only the detail on one of its lights and part of its hood and radiator.
Once the medical record is coded and abstracted, data is downloaded to the hospital's existing on-site abstracting system using LanVision technology.
Zooming in and out, from close-up to long shot, the abstracted imagery travels through a galaxy of swirling lights and bright colors while gurgling sound effects fill the room.