abstain from

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abstain from (something)

To refrain from consuming something or doing some activity. Katie wants to lose weight, so she has vowed to abstain from sugar. No, I don't really drink anymore. I abstained from alcohol while I was pregnant and realized I didn't miss it. I'm trying to abstain from frivolous spending so I can build up my emergency savings fund.
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abstain from something

to avoid some activity or the use of some substance, such as alcohol, drugs, sex, or food. They abstained from hard liquor and any other kind of intoxicants.
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abstain from

To have made a deliberate choice not to do something: I abstained from eating fatty foods when I was on my diet. The minister abstained from drinking alcohol.
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Nevertheless a prince ought to inspire fear in such a way that, if he does not win love, he avoids hatred; because he can endure very well being feared whilst he is not hated, which will always be as long as he abstains from the property of his citizens and subjects and from their women.
'That prohibition applies whether she abstains from voting or not...
NNA - Future bloc MP, Hadi Hbeish, on Tuesday called for holding each MP that abstains from the presidential election session accountable.
Political observers believe if the Congress abstains from the trust vote, the move will cement its ties with the JD( U).
Lebanon will be in a pickle, but whether it votes or abstains from voting at the UNSC, the West will still be able to impose further sanctions against the Persian state, he went on to say.
The manager abstains from selling the stock for $10 on Monday and instead sells on Wednesday, after the good news has boosted ABC's stock price to $12.
The CEO abstains from selling until the earnings are released.
She abstains from selling until after the good news is released and the price has risen to $12 per share.
(40) If CEO abstains from selling ABC shares at time [T.sub.2], she holds those shares until time [T.sub.3].
(45) The important point, however, is that if CEO merely abstains from selling when she learns good news and effects her previously planned sale when she learns bad news, she will expect, on average, to beat the market.
If, on the other hand, CEO learns that ABC will underperform the market, she abstains from purchasing the stock and remains invested in the market-wide index fund.
The critical point here is that if an insider who had planned to buy stock simply abstains from or proceeds with the purchase based on subsequently acquired nonpublic information, she will expect to beat the market.
If she receives information indicating ABC will outperform the market, CEO abstains from selling ABC shares and expects to earn a return of M + x on those shares between times [T.sub.2] and [T.sub.3].
If the assistant reports that ABC will outperform the market, CEO abstains from selling the ABC shares and expects to earn an abnormal positive return holding those shares, If the assistant is silent, CEO sells the stock, buys shares in a market-wide index fund, and expects to earn the market return.
AN-NAHAR: Sleiman's ministers with the opposition and Democratic gathering with March 14 The deadlock in Baabda...The abstaining in New York ASSAFIR: Lebanon's refrainment from refusing sanctions on Iran raises embarrassing questions Governmental schism revives political tension FUTURE: Hariri briefs Moubarak on the results of his USA visit and meets Erdogan on Thursday The cabinet is divided so Lebanon abstains from voting AD-DIYAR: "Iran's sanctions" shakes Doha governmental accord Equal voting in the cabinet embarrasses Lebanon towards Washington and Tehran Sleiman votes with the opposition and Jumblatt takes Saudi advice into consideration DAILY STAR: Security Council approves new sanctions against Iran