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According to As-Safir, Hariri urged Nasrallah to support the decision of abstaining from voting since voting against the sanctions would deprive Lebanon of US military aid and would entail other negative consequences.
Thus, any insider who is unable to trade while in possession of nonpublic information cannot expect to beat the market by abstaining on such information.
One reason untreated alcoholics did better was that many more of them reduced their drinking without abstaining.
c) Approved by a vote of 555,366,838 shares for and 12,557,940 shares against, with 479,033 shares abstaining, the American International Group, Inc.
Poikolainen added that the weight of the evidence shows moderate drinking is better than abstaining and heavy drinking is worse than abstaining, but moderate amounts can be higher than the guidelines say.
So, imagine my surprise when it was revealed that only two Labour MPs voted against this change to the tax rates - with the rest abstaining from the vote.
Nevertheless, by abstaining in the key Commons vote on students' tuition fees he has failed his constituents at the first hurdle.
Assemblyman Dario Frommer, D-Glendale, the Assembly majority leader, defended the practice of abstaining on votes, saying it is often done as a courtesy to fellow legislators.
Koizumi remained vague Wednesday about Japan abstaining from the vote at the U.
Furthermore, despite the state's policy to teach that abstaining from intercourse is the only way to avoid pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease, 77% of parents surveyed said that they want their children to be taught about both abstinence and contraception.
9 per cent voting against and some 12 per cent abstaining.
It won support from 14 of the 15 council members, with Syria abstaining.
study found that 22 percent of alcoholics were drinking without problems 18 months following treatment, compared to 24 percent who were abstaining.
Patients who remained free of seizures during a 3-year follow-up included 11 of the 15 patients abstaining from video games, 3 of the 6 receiving anticonvulsants but continuing to play, and 7 of the 12 abstaining from the game and taking medication.